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Modern Capitalist Society Collapse And The Increasing Spate Of Violence In Our Nation

This is a topic that has been discussed ad nauseam on here.  And, I want to revisit it given the most recent school murders by what was a very unwell young boy and his very unwell family and a very unwell community support structure.   In other words, we tend to lay blame on the perpetrator and perpetrator alone.  While he most certainly pulled the trigger, the issues go much deeper in the endless violence that plagues our society.  And, as a result, we all need to look in the mirror.

People who separate themselves from community and the cycle of life always have some level of emotional dysregulation.  People who are emotionally-unstable or have some level of emotional dysregulation cannot fully participate in the world around them.  They may be able to “fake it” for some hours or even days but eventually their dysregulation sends them back to “hide” to feed their obsessions, instabilities or other dysfunctional behaviors that are simply manifestations of an unstable perception of self.   Whether that hiding is literal or in some form of disconnect such as substance abuse or some form of self-abuse such as eating disorders or self-mutilation or some form of acting out through someone else such as prostitution or abuse, they are all simply reflections of unstable perceptions of self.  

The emotional dysregulation of the manifested self is the root of all evil in this world.  Evil that the self perpetuated against itself and the world around us.  And, I believe there is ample evidence, although prevailing science believes it is inconclusive, that all emotional dysregulation is placed there by someone else.  In other words, by others whose conditional love or abuse of authority was a result of their own fear and guilt and hence their own dysregulation.  Conditional love or abuse of authority that causes others to question their own worthiness.    These are most often caregivers who are really caretakers.  In other words, rather than giving, their instability and dysregulation takes from those they are responsible for protecting.   Or it is positions of trusted authority who use their positions of trust to prey upon children; such as pedophile priests, child molesters, child abusers, abusive parents, abusive siblings, abusive teachers and the like.  

As you read on, keep in mind that corporate CEOs and politicians often fit the profiles of people who use trusted authority to also prey upon and take from people and society. 

Because we live in a fear-based, capitalist society where vulnerability is preyed upon and exploited, this dynamic manifests itself much easier in the U.S. but it most certainly is not just measurable here.  Or put another way, the patriarchal, capitalist state perpetuates emotional dysregulation by labeling people who are vulnerable as weak or sissies or some level of unworthiness.  And, then preys upon and victimizes countless people.  That predation and victimization of the modern capitalist state starts early in childhood.  And, that dynamic often forces separateness upon people.  A perfect example is someone who wishes to work or contribute to society but is denied that right by not being granted economic opportunity or even a living wage.  This dynamic separates and destabilizes people who otherwise would be productive and giving members of society.  Another example might be the misogynistic and violent use of patriarchal advertising and corporate-manufactured media that makes women question their own worthiness because they they don’t look like corporate-manufactured, breast-enhanced, liposuctioned, bleached-blonde models on Baywatch.  And, then men in society fall prey to this message as well by comparing women to perfect, Photoshop-created idealizations of worthiness.   The violence of modern, patriarchal capitalist society is everywhere.

Modern capitalist society is collapsing for one simple reason; because it destabilizes the human condition.  And, being American society is the ultimate manifestation of selfishness, predation and exploitation of a patriarchal society that practices deregulated, Social Darwinistic capital and capitalism, it is experiencing some of the most measurable forms of human dysregulation and, therefore, some of the most measurable dynamics of society collapse.   I could write a book on this topic it is so pervasive and systemic.  

Mind you, emotional dysregulation is rampant in places like Wall Street and Washington.  This is where the unwell go to “regulate” their emotional dysregulation by seeking power and authority over other people.  It is a perfect environment for the emotionally-unwell to act out against others.  Our capital markets, being private and for-profit, rather than public and focused on democracy and human development, are a haven for unstable dysregulated types who act out through incredible power over society, rampant drug & alcohol use, prostitution, overt displays of obscene wealth and a very male-dominated predatory corporate world.   Gordon Gecko, an example of Wall Street emotional dysregulation that was glorified in the wildly corrupt 1980s, is nothing more than a predator in a system that glorifies predation.  The aforementioned behaviors above are patently obvious expressions of “acting out” by those who are suffering from severe emotional dysregulation.  Yet, these are the people who are labeled as successful and glorified by the corporate state.  The most evil in society are literally in charge in a deregulated corporate capitalist society with a private, for-profit capital system.  Evil has free reign.  And, as with all people who suffer from emotional dysregulation and act out, they never wish to take responsibility for their behavior.  Wall Street never took an ounce of blame for their decades of perverse and outright evil behavior.   And, neither has Washington. 

I’m not stating incontrovertibly that modern society created these most recent school shootings but I think we must explore this possibility.  Certainly there are other factors beyond modern society that creates emotional dysregulation but if you don’t appreciate how modern society manifests itself in the stability or instability of its citizens, you need to wake up.  This type of violence of our culture is everywhere from Wall Street to the war state to the police state to exploitative corporate advertising to the corporate exploitation of labor to the political violence used by parties to maintain authority and control of our government to the hyper-violent corporate competition to our hyper-violent foreign policy to the win-at-all-cost corporate and political culture of deregulated capitalism to the Social Darwinism perpetuated by elites and Wall Street and on and on and on.  And, that violence endorsed by the state manifests itself through a very misogynistic culture to incredibly violent sports to rampant school bullying to violent children’s video games to street gangs to organized crime to incredible violence against citizens in denial of our constitutional, food, social and economic rights/justice and on and on and on.  And, as I have noted on here many times, all of this violence is a reflection of the violent values of the state.   Our cultural values are defined by authority.   And, society reaps what it sows. 

This was a very unwell young boy involved in these school shootings.  This is a boy that, as long as he was under adult supervision, clearly should have been receiving emotional help.  I don’t know if he was afforded an opportunity to seek help but the initial family history doesn’t appear to support that he was.  How unfortunate it is for society that so many innocent children had their lives taken from them.  Whether it was shame on the parent’s part, or lack of money to seek the proper mental health services, or resistance on the boy’s part, or simply a wildly inadequate and wildly unresponsive mental health care system, we continue to pay the price with tremendous violent acts in our nation. 

So… what would have happened in this school shooting case if we lived in a society where worthiness was connected to vulnerability?  Where citizens were rewarded by sharing their innermost self with others.  Where sharing my guilts and fears and feelings of unworthiness were met with unconditional acceptance of my neighbors and community?  Where being weak and vulnerable and acknowledging I can’t do it all on my own were met with open arms and connection to my fellow man?  And, that I need help surviving in this world was met with an understanding and appreciation that we all need help and that help was granted to everyone?  What would have happened to this unwell young boy were he to have explored his inner dysregulation in a safe and accepting environment such as this?  We don’t really know.  But, there is a reasonable chance that his perceptions of self would have changed dramatically.  And, he would have started the journey of becoming who he was meant to become. 

Instead, he tragically murdered our society’s most innocent, our children.  And, in the process placed his own pain and dysregulation in the minds of countless others.  Pain and dysregulation that may eventually perpetuate itself into some future dysregulation or pain placed in the minds of even more people.   When is the cycle broken?  In modern, patriarchal capitalist society, it never is.   And, so the cycle continues.     

Today’s AP Story - Gunman's Mother Kept Trials From Home Life Hidden In other words, this clearly was avoidable in a caring and compassionate society that encouraged the proper human values.  You can pass gun laws from here to eternity, but it doesn’t solve the root issue that is plaguing modern capitalist society - it destabilizes the human condition. 

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