Monday, December 10, 2012

Small Business Hiring Intentions Lowest Since 2008 Collapse

It has been a while since I put anything up from Gallup.   This most recent data is a good reason to change that.  There is ample evidence this system is failing systemically.  And, the back end of the storm I said was likely here in March of 2012 has proven to be lurching upon us by many measurements since.  This Gallup poll on small business is simply the latest.   

Where did the tens of trillions of dollars go that the Fed pumped into this system since the 2008 collapse?  Money heaven is returning in 2012 according the the Mayan calendar.   Smile with tongue out 

By the way, of no surprise, the latest Gallup poll shows Congressional corporate-state dunces were barely nudged out by car salespeople as society’s most smarmy people.  But Congress handily beat car salespeople and all others in the most untrustworthy category.  I have to laugh at people who believe the American people are duped by the corruption and destruction of our nation.   I seldom meet anyone who isn’t well aware of what is going on to some degree. 

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