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The Social Science Of Economics - Predation, Victimization And Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Five. Republican Views On Social Darwinism Seemingly Align With Nazi Germany

I'm going to spend the rest of the year filling in some of the posts I promised throughout the year.   As this is a short week where we celebrate our freedom, I thought this was a very relevant topic.  I was over at The Real News many months ago pulling a link for another post and noticed this video was highlighted on their web site.  There really is no time sensitivity on this.   It’s Eric Cantor talking about how its essentially a crime to be poor and implying that we should raise taxes on people who make so little they don’t qualify for income taxes.    The implication is quite clear; poor people are freeloaders.  Welcome to the world of covert violence against the poor and voiceless in the proletariat corporate state.  

When I was watching this, the first thing that came to mind is what kind of person even thinks like this.   Well, I don’t know what Eric Cantor’s demons are but I could make a pretty good guess that they are many.  This type of covert violence is always consistent with those who seek authority.  This dynamic is made even more pronounced in a patriarchal society like the United States.   That is why there is only one legitimate authority over another human being.  That is a reasoned rule of law.

By the way, don't let definitions fool you, the Republican Party is the founding proletariat party.  Although the Democrats have fully embraced proletariat fascism.   The Republicans and Democrats define reality through service to its corporate masters.  What it values above all else is business.  And, business values work from our citizens above all else.  Any fascist society is a proletariat society.  And, anyone who doesn't provide their perceived "fair share" of work, even if they are denied that opportunity, even if it isn't for a living wage, is an enemy of the proletariat corporate state and, therefore, are on the receiving end of its violence.
Quite frankly, this appears to be similar to victimization that was very typical of the type of covert violence against undesirables in Nazi Germany’s political-corporate class.  Or, even in the Soviet Union or countless other examples of state violence against undesirable classes of people.   Of course, later, both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union’s covert acts became anything but.  And, it extended well beyond Jews and eventually included intellectuals, mental illness, gypsies, those not considered racially pure, those who were handicapped and countless others who arbitrarily fit the random label of undesirable to the proletariat fascist state. 

Peer victimization (bullying) is the consequence of acts of intentional aggression, by a peer (or group of peers) operating from a position of strength or power, and directed at a victim who is viewed as relatively weak. The aggressor’s goal is to damage status and/or social relationships.

I can’t speak for individual remarks but generally these types of social stereotypes are fundamentally driven by some level of belief in Social Darwinism.  These beliefs were foundational to Nazi propaganda.  By the way, the Nazi's ideas foundational to a superior Aryan race and Social Darwinism were built upon the American and British Social Darwinist movement some decades earlier.  They simply perfected the propaganda to a much greater degree.  There were similar Social Darwinistic atrocities and beliefs put forth by American and British elites of that era.   A dirty little secret not taught in your high school history books.   A dirty little secret that is repeating itself.   Most elites hate democracy and they probably hate you.   They are consumed by the manifested self's greed, arrogance, vainglory, lust, control, hatred, violence, exploitation, predation, etc.

Make no mistake, this isn't some crackpot view of history.  It's as real as the exploitation and violence of slavery, indentured servitude and immigrants that is a hallmark of our nation's history and the history of free market capitalism.   Free to exploit anyone and anything.  I have wanted to put up a major post on this topic but there is simply so much to lunacy out there that I never seem to find  the time between what I want to post and the endless events that are unfolding.   This will suffice for now.

This type of implication that undesirables, in the case of Cantor's remarks, poor people, create their own misery and are therefore undeserving of human dignity or a voice in government policy is driven by the manifested self .   As we have noted numerous times, this is all part of the violence and exploitation practiced by the corporate state, politicians, the national security state and the military-industrial complex against anyone who is considered undesirable or unworthy.  This belief and its violence plays a very substantial role in the modern Republican Party.   Need I list the endless examples of this behavior?    In addition to poor people being lazy and a burden, maybe by calling women whores who are on birth control, or by men of political authority attempting to define what is acceptably considered rape, or using drug tests to deny people the social services of our government or by perpetrating any number of exploitive and violent stereotypes of  class, gender, sexual orientation and race of our citizens. 

There is an endless targeted exploitation of poor people and "undesirables" as defined by the corporate state.   It manifests itself through statements and policies of covert violence.  Bill Clinton, one of the godfathers of the corporate state and its exploitation,  was notorious for this type of covert violence in many of his policies.  Not the least of which was "welfare reform" that essentially destroyed the social safety net for countless Americans.   This after he signed corporate state trade agreements that would end up putting tens of millions of Americans in welfare lines.  Bill Clinton/Al Gore may have been the worst presidential team in American history.    In looking at the sum total of their work, I can find no other parallels.  They were most certainly the worst in the last one hundred years.  But he feels your pain.  Pain he caused.  They left our nation's economy and financial system in shambles and George Bush got all of the blame.

While many political policies may be covert in their violence and exploitation, many in society view this violence as cover for them to express their own lunacy and hatred.  This should really be no surprise.  These predatory actions have been a hallmark of corporate capitalism in this country for decades.  Frankly, except for a handful of decades when democracy won rights against predatory corporate capitalism, it has been a hallmark of corporate capitalism since the dawn of the industrial revolution.    And, it was typical of the corporate trading and land corporations, private bankers and the King of England who all worked together to loot the world. 

We not only see this in our society but the corporate state supports endless numbers of dictatorships and preys upon poor people around the globe both militarily and economically.  People are simply viewed as disposable assets to project corporate and financial power and military hegemony.   Anyone not assimilated into the Borg is mowed over without conscience.

The modern day Republican Party is the founding party of fascism in this country.  It is the original party embraced by elites as a buttress against democracy.   It is the original party of pro-business fascism.   The Democratic Party has been a quick learner.  They are simply more nuanced and covert in their behavior.   Remember, it was Bill Clinton and Al Gore who took fascism mainstream in the political class. 
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