Friday, November 09, 2012

100,000 Greeks Clash With The State As Unemployment Hits Record 25.4%. Is Civil War Imminent?

I have been promising to put up a post on America’s second civil war for a long time now.  As I have noted before, I am not stating that the U.S. will devolve into internal armed conflict.  But, we most certainly are in the midst of a second civil war.  I’m still not sure when I will get that post up but in the mean time, this clash with police in Greece would equivalently compare to 3 million Americans involved in a mass protest and clashes with the state.  Will that day ever come here?  I dunno if the system will last that long.  But, if it does, it’s highly plausible.   I think it is quite plausible that the only dynamics that have kept these types of protests from our nation are social safety nets, massive government spending and the atomization of dissent that has manifested itself quite substantially since Reagan’s green light to capital to obliterate collective bargaining and use the backing and force of the state to accomplish it. 

The Greek state has just passed a new round of austerity.  Greece is run by criminals and the more they shake the bottle, the more it’s eventually going to fizz. 

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