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Update On China, Huawei, Deregulated Capital(ism), The Democratic Party, Treason And The Rise Of Global Fascism

“The last thing I want to say is that the final principle ought to be
we should be for more open trade, but we have to build a global
economy with a more human face. We win in the trade wars…  or the trade…  not wars… the trade competition. And I know that Nebraska is more…  I have not persuaded my fellow Americans of that either, entirely, but in Nebraska, because of the agricultural presence here, has been generally more pro-free trade.  But these 300 trade agreements, from NASA to the World Trade Organization and many others that we negotiated, 300 of them, have given us the longest economic expansion in history. Over 25 percent of our growth is tied to trade now.”
--  Bill Clinton, December 8, 2000  "A Foreign Policy for the Global Age" address to the University of Nebraska. 

Free Trade?  Trade Wars?  The Global Age?  300 Trade Agreements?  A busy little bee, Bill Clinton was.  Not only did he decimate financial markets including commodities futures regulations and Glass-Steagall, he was very busy destroying democracy, social safety nets, welfare, economic determinism and the American economy.  No president in American history has come close to anything like this.  I think Reagan signed two trade agreements.  George Bush, a handful.  And, while Obama isn’t nearly as prolific as Clinton, he is working on many more corporatist-inspired, secret trade agreements  than either Bush or Reagan.  Trade agreements that destroy our sovereignty and constitutional rights.  How many of these trade agreements were debated in the public forum by democracy?  How many did you have any say in creating?  How many did you even know about?  I bet the Chamber of Commerce and global corporations knew about all of them.  And, more importantly, your corporate masters crafted all of them. 

William Jefferson caught himself in that speech quoted above when he said trade wars.  He stuttered and corrected himself by replacing it with trade competition – the same hyper-competitiveness and aggression that I have written about a few times.  The same hyper-competitiveness and aggression that is  destroying modern corporate capitalist-based societies.  Hyper-competitiveness and aggression that benefits sociopaths, predators and looters who rise to levels of authority in this system.   What might we be able to draw about the Gore-Clinton personalities based on this? 

There is no denying the Gore-Clinton world view - and that of other modern day liberal idiots who mindlessly follow them and their kind – is that American workers and American democracy should have to compete as the foot soldier in the trenches of economic war for our political and corporate masters.   And who would be in the trenches with us?  In the trenches to please our masters?  Labor sweat shops in corrupt banana republics and communist countries around the world.  They too fight to survive our sociopathic masters.  And, in our forced march, we compete against others enslaved by our masters for our economic and democratic determinism.   And, the Gore-Clinton team used the force of the state to make it so.  300 times so.  For whom were they doing this, you might ask?   Was it democracy?  To enrich the lives and freedoms of American citizens?  To spread freedom throughout the world?   Or did Gore-Clinton take corporate capitalism’s looting to an art form by selling out our democratic offices of public service to force this hyper-aggressive, sociopathic insanity and looting upon society?   Free?  Global?  Trade?  Wars?

I want to put up this post involving China and the global economy. And, I want to do so before the elections because there are a whole lot of people who have built up these lies, rationalizations, dissonance and delusions in their minds that this is a Republican-created crisis. And, that in order to stop the Republicans, society must vote for the Democrats. Nothing could be further from reality.   Nothing. 

Capitalism is a creation of the state.  War is the health of the state.  Capitalism therefore always turns global trade into an economic war.  A war that enriches the state and capital.   A war that turns our economy and our democracy into a slave pool for statist economic policies of aggression, looting and economic war.   A war that we fight so that our capitalist and political masters become wildly rich off of the backs of the most productive assets in our society.  That would be you, your friends, your children and your family.

I haven’t discussed China much over the last few years other than sporadic updates on the state of their unfolding economic disaster.  But that’s because I wrote so extensively of China leading up to this crisis.   I’ve laid all of my marbles on the table as to what my analysis concludes is  going to happen.  My analysis is not dependent on any opinions or useless rhetoric or political idiocy or manipulated pablum regurgitated in the mainstream media but instead data-driven interpretation of the complex system we call globalization. 

As I noted on here years ago, economically China and the U.S. are in what could be described as a Nash Equilibrium.   Essentially, a stable or quasi-stable state between the two players in the game of global trade.   But as noted back before the 2008 collapse, at some point in time that equilibrium state is going to change.  The state is going to transition to a new, most likely very unstable state.   A new normal.  All we need is the appropriate inputs to create that flip.  Until this equilibrium is interrupted, China’s complete bust may simply be a slow train wreck unfolding before our eyes.  And, it is one hell of a massive train wreck.   Well beyond anything discussed in the mainstream media or financial community.   Regardless, you can most certainly be assured that breakage in that equilibrium state is going to happen.  It is imminent.  When it happens, the entire world will certainly shudder and shake. 

I don’t know for certain what is going to break this equilibrium state between China and the U.S.  I wrote extensively what factors are going to happen in some macro form during many of my older posts. What the actual trigger to those macro events is depends on too many variables.   But it most certainly will involve some sort of volatility.  It could be the default on China’s holdings of U.S. debt, it could be growing trade tension or other factors. 

While U.S. policy towards China is more overtly belligerent, at least what we see being reported in the mainstream press, the fact is China’s policy is very belligerent towards all democracies and it is becoming even more so as spats increase between it and other G20 nations; something I said was going to happen years before this mess unfolded.   As noted on here numerous times, China is responsible for half of the counterfeit goods produced around the globe that costs America and other democracies millions of jobs.  It manipulates the secretive and corrupt Gore-Clinton-created WTO trade deal that has cost Americans tens of millions of jobs and democratic economic determinism.  And, it is very actively involved in espionage, stealing both military and corporate intellectual property in this country and around the world.  

Deregulated capital(ism) created this mess.   ie, Free market capitalism.  The United States is the architect of global neoliberal economic policies, the WTO and all global trade agreements through its voting control at the World Bank, the IMF, the dollar reserve currency and the largest economy in the world.   China is simply a slave state for American corporate labor needs.   From an economic perspective, it’s really no different than the African slave trade or the Indian slave colony under the English empire.  Truly.  Both are examples of private, for-profit banking and corporations endorsed by the force of the state to maximize profits for a looting class of psychopaths and predators.  Both are examples of unregulated free market capitalism endorsed by the state.  One day China is going to realize this.  Probably when the final dupe is played out.  No one likes to be played for an idiot.

The U.S. corporate-fascist monster is now adopting a more belligerent foreign policy towards China.  The U.S. is now moving entire battle fleets to Asia for permanent deployment.  It is involving itself in local territorial disputes with China.   And, Mitt Romney has clearly upped the hyper-aggressive statist belligerence aimed directly at China.  Of course the flip side is Obama still remains silent while his corporate masters continue to loot China while he seeks to extend this type of corruption with the secretly-negotiated TPP corporate slavery agreement. 

Now we have this recent fiasco over Huawei being denied access to U.S. data and telephony carrier sales.  And, if you think this Huawei issue is all about nothing, well, you would be wrong.  Huawei most certainly is an organization with many dubious dealings.  Being that Huawei is a creation of the state, it most certainly has secret and dubious ties to the communist China state.  Ties that involve espionage and corruption -  the company’s founder is a former People’s Liberation Army officer. 

I have an acquaintance that works for a major Japanese technology company.  They sell “stuff” into the U.S. nuclear industry.   He told me a handful of years ago that “stuff” manufactured in their Chinese factories were found to have been tampered with by Chinese workers for the purposes of espionage or spying once the equipment was installed at customer sites abroad.   Those conversations were nonconfidential and he never shared any specifics with me but I got the clear message.  That is, the communist Chinese government had access to their factory workers and were involved in espionage by meddling with this company’s products.  And just a few weeks ago Defense Secretary Panetta talked about the possibility of a cyber Pearl Harbor, obviously referring to China as the attacker. The fact of the matter is, we have already had our cyber Pearl Harbor.

You have to realize capitalism is an invention of the state.  And corporations of any ilk not held to open, democratic principles and transparency that is subservient to We The People, in other words, that don’t serve society and democracy, will most certainly become tools in statist-driven or statist-endorsed chicanery, stealing, espionage, looting and the like.  That a communist country has embraced capitalism most certainly means China has become a communo-fascist police state that now extends statist chicanery to its corporate inventions.  We should simply expect that Chinese companies are in some way, knowingly or unknowingly, involved in statist chicanery just as they often are in the United States and other fascist  nations around the world.  ie, Every capitalist society. 

I wrote numerous times half a dozen ago that we were entering a period of rising nationalism.  And, later that the seeds of global war had been sewn by capitalism and may possibly be reaped by that nationalism.   Not that we have to see another world war but all of the dynamics are most certainly in place.   Today when reading this, it doesn’t seem far fetched but writing that in times of unprecedented perceptions of global peace and prosperity, my writings would have been laughed out of the room. 

There are essentially two examples of nationalism in a broader sense and we see them both at work today. That is, the nationalism of citizens and nationalism of the state.  Nationalism of citizens is centered around democracy, the rule of law, sovereign economics, sovereign food, local self-rule, freedom from endless encroachments of state power, state nationalism, etc.  Contrarily, the nationalism of the state is focused on economic and political control- both at home and abroad, statist-militarism and illegitimate authority of a looting ruling class and elites.  In other words, the rising nationalism we see in Tunisia and Spain, as two examples, are much different than the rising nationalism we see in China.   At least, so far.  Yet, even in democratic nationalist movements we see tremendous conflagration and manipulation of the state.   We see attempts by elites and the state to hijack these movements and/or manipulate them for their own self-interest and authority.   The violence in Egypt is one such example of statist thugs attempting to turn a democratic movement inward onto itself through the use of violence.  Anarchy and violence bogeymen need the authority of state in order to restore order.  What better way than to retake power than to create a demand for order through violence?  Ditto in the United States where the Tea Party started as a grass roots movement similar to the Occupy Movement.  Both were airing legitimate grievances  for democracy.  Both have been hijacked by statist thugs with an allegiance to political parties, nondemocratic forces and elites. 

We see China’s flagrant use of statist nationalism in its belligerence involving Japan and the stoking of anti-Japan violence with its citizens. At the same time the Chinese communist party is attempting to reassert its grip within the country.  This as economic chaos continues to spread within the country.  The violence stoked in Chinese officials was clearly manipulated by the communist party to deflect public anger towards an external enemy.  This trick is as timeless as the state.  Solon wrote of this  thousands of years ago as I have cited on here before.    I said this type of chaos and nationalist-stoking was coming to China when it appeared they would rule the world to the uninformed and economically-illiterate economists and Wall Street dopes.  And, now we see the first seeds germinating today.

What one hand giveth, the other hand taketh away. It’s coming. And, I have been saying for a long time that it’s coming. It’s inevitable. People like statist corporatists Clinton, Bush, Obama and Romney perpetuate this chaos, violence and economic war.

This all makes you wonder how all of these schemes were started in the first place.  How did the United States ever form such close economic ties with a nation that is the world’s greatest counterfeiter, the world’s most prolific thief of American technology and the world’s most bloody and butchering state that has killed upwards of 70 million of its own citizens not including the state-based policy of infanticide.   An economic “relationship” that has resulted in the largest capital flight in the history of the world.  Literally.  A clear act of using public office to commit high crimes and misdemeanors if there ever was one.   

Well, while we don’t have specific knowledge of secret conversations and negotiations by the state, we most certainly know who is responsible.  The Republican-controlled Congress and the Gore-Clinton Whitehouse that is behind the WTO, the WTO agreements with China and countless other “free trade” schemes.  But, even more importantly, the Gore-Clinton presidency’s deregulation of national borders for capital.  The first such deregulation of capital beyond national borders since the massive looting that led to the economic collapse of the Great Depression. 

Makes you wonder if Bill Clinton’s ChinaGate was swept under the rug?  And, how deep the possible treason actually went.

Of course, at the time the New York Times quoted Clinton and said Chinese communist party political donations to his campaign didn’t influence policy.   The real question isn’t if it influenced policy.  It’s why is communist China money flowing into our political system to support a Democratic candidate?  Republicans are involved too.  The New York Times and others uncovered so much evidence under the Gore-Clinton reign of terror that one has to wonder why all of that evidence went no where in the public forum.   The use of public office to subvert the truth?  That most certainly has happened in Obama’s policies of dealing with Wall Street crimes.  But under Gore-Clinton it went even further than possible political corruption and treason resulting in a communist government trying to buy an American politician.  Clinton’s Whitehouse papered over political maneuvering when it seemed as though political crimes may have been committed in the sale of American nuclear missile and guidance systems technology ended up in China’s hands.    Voice of America, courtesy of the Federation of American Scientists here.  A constitutional lawyer’s summarization here.  And an article on Clinton’s involvement in the transference of nuclear sensitive technology here.   

While some may question the legitimacy of any data in an environment where the politics of winning is at any and all cost, the reality is we do know one thing for certain.  One thing that lends credence to the suspected issues regarding China and Clinton-Gore.   That is, it was Al Gore and Bill Clinton that pushed through the “free trade” deal with China.  A corporate fascist scheme that led to the largest fight of capital outside of any nation’s borders in the history of the world.  Corporate and investment capital leaving this country left massive economic and democratic devastation in its wake as Clinton’s deregulation of capital stomped on the face of democracy until it was no longer recognizable.  And, in return for benefiting their corporate and elite masters, when these two and the Republicans who controlled Congress at the time left office, they made hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars as crony payback from their corporate and elite masters.   Barack Obama continues this trend with the desensitization of American defense technology as it pertains to both Russia and China.  Links here and here.   And with his attempts to further deregulate the national borders of democracy’s capital – effectively the greatest looting scheme in the history of the world.  Literally.

Liberal idiots, not to be confused with liberal democracy, as in liberal rights of We The People that grant us primacy to capital and the state, have killed our nation.  They have done so by tampering and destroying with the rule of law as modern-day liberals believe they know what’s best for the rest of us and we should just shut up and follow our fearless leaders.  Whether those liberals are members of the Republican or the Democratic Party really doesn’t matter.  

Those who hold Democrats as somehow above the fray of the idiocy of Republicans are living in a mass delusion.  The vast majority of jobs that have left our country have been at the hands of Democrats.   Reagan and Republicans deregulated capital within our national borders and created the trickle down madness that started the beginning of the end.  The Democrats deregulated the national borders of capital that resulted in the largest exodus of democratic capital and jobs in any nation’s history.  Those were acts of treason against the sovereign people of this great country. 

Capitalism, being birthed by the state, solely derives its power from the state.  It will therefore always have an intent of seeking greater power and control through manipulating, bribing and corrupting that which created and is responsible for regulating it; the state.  In other words, the comingling of capitalism and the state, fascism, is a natural conclusion to deregulating capital(ism).   It isn’t government corruption that taints free market capitalism.  It is free market capitalism that creates government corruption.   And, now that dynamic has gone global. 

Welcome to the world of global fascism.   People who believe the U.S. is headed towards fascism are a century too late.  As I have noted on here before, the comingling of private, for-profit money and politics is as old as this nation.  Bribery of federal politicians was actually legal for the first 80-odd years of this nation’s existence.  And, corporate personhood took hold soon after that.  Fascism gained a death grip on democracy with the fascist formation of the private-public partnership we call the Federal Reserve one hundred years ago.   We aren’t living through a cycle where we need to worry about the U.S. become a fascist state.  We are living through a cycle where democracy is going to bust the fascist grip that has held our democracy in bondage to varying degrees for the last two hundred years. 

Fascism is as American as apple pie and baseball.  Robber barons, slavery, indentured servitude, child labor, corporate-owned towns, corporate-inspired trade agreements, the Federal Reserve, prison labor outsourced to private corporations, private for-profit banking backed by the force of the state, union-busting, the private creation of our money, the use of state force to murder native Americans for the expansion of private business interests, labor exploitation, politicians picking economic winners (corporations) and losers ( American citizens and democratic economics), immigrant exploitation, the military-industrial complex, proactive wars of choice, the national security  state and on and on and on and on.   In fact, one could argue that capitalism can’t exist without fascism.  It most certainly never has existed any other way from its inception with the fascist English empire.

Make sure you vote for that change you can believe in.  It’s those damn Republicans that are the problem. 

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