Thursday, November 01, 2012

Saturn’s Giant Spring Storm Continues To Fascinate

Weather and temperature patterns around the solar system continue to confound existing belief systems.  The recent landing of Mars’ rover Curiosity found the planet much warmer than “expected”.    “Expected” was placed in the NASA announcement as a politicization of a topic we have discussed many times on here.  There was nothing unexpected with Curiosity’s findings.  The reality is real scientists interested in discovery knew Mars was warming a long time ago.   And, their polar ice caps were melting very rapidly along with it.  Consistent with our many other postings, it isn’t because Klaatu’s  Marsmobile needs a new catalytic converter. 

Unfortunately, the politicization of science has turned discovery, the search for truth and reason into a popularity contest amongst political idiots in the public forum.  And, we see Republican fanatics battling Democrat fanatics over issues they clearly know nothing about.  All in some attempt to win the political popularity battle.  Reason, law and truth have been displaced by propaganda, deceit and lies all driving the political agenda of control.   The dumbed down corporate state. 

“Saturn's atmosphere is usually a fairly bland place without the giant whirlpools and belts and zones you see on Jupiter. So the storm that erupted in December 2010 came as a big surprise……  Then a few days later amateur astronomers reported a small white spot in Saturn's northern hemisphere which grew so rapidly that it became its most prominent feature within days. This was bright white material dredged up from within Saturn's atmosphere being spread by its powerful winds blowing at speeds of hundreds of metres a second.”

The cycle of volatility continues.

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