Friday, October 26, 2012

Low Cholesterol A Major Risk Factor For Death In Heart Failure Patients

I had a relative who had a heart attack about five years ago.  His cholesterol was incredibly low before the heart attack.  As readers on here know, I think science and reason has proven that cholesterol as a cause of heart attacks is a crock of shit.  The evidence isn’t there and I have posted a few times that the medical community is now starting to have a change in thinking.  It hasn’t trickled down to most doctors, the keepers of the faith, yet because they are still beholden to a corrupt system of profit and control but it eventually will. 

After the heart attack they had my relative on 80mg of Lipitor (the highest dosage I have ever heard of anyone taking and I encouraged him to get a second opinion) and got his total cholesterol down to 80gm/dl.  I have never even heard of anyone with cholesterol readings that low.  I guess now we know his doctors were trying to kill him.   Not really a surprise since doctors are arguably the number one cause of death in our nation.  Directly, we already know they are in the top five.  Indirectly in their complicity of both consciously and unconsciously willful perpetuation of ignorance, as taught by the medical-industrial complex, they are clearly number one

Doctors have become the keepers of the faith in a control-based hierarchical bureaucracy of systemic incompetence.    They regurgitate the Articles of Faith as handed down in the Sacred Scrolls by their Lawgiver; the medical-industrial complex.  They are the orangutans, the bureaucratic administrators who protect a corrupt ideology, in the dystopian sci-fi horror movies of the 1960s, The Planet of the Apes.  They preach the message of ideology as taught to them by the medical-industrial complex that puts capitalism’s profits (control) above the intent of discovery and truth - science and service to humanity.  As part of that dynamic, the educational system has become a mouthpiece for the medical industrial complex and, as a result, teaches doctors a tremendous amount of junk science and propaganda that perpetuates unnecessary sickness and death in our nation.   The intent of profit destroys truth.

Listening to a doctor without doing your own diligence is often dangerous to your health.  But, hey, the state has now validated this predatory corporatist medical-industrial complex through force with a 2,500 page new bureaucracy enforced by the IRS.  Hooray for ObamneyCare!  Hooray for corporate fascism.  Remember, the bureaucrat Obamney knows best. 

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