Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corporate Terrorism–CEO Threatens Employees To Not Vote For Obama

Quite frankly, I could care less who people vote for. I’m not voting for Obama or any other corporate-manufactured puppet. But I find this repulsive and representative of how capitalism trumps democracy almost without exception. How capitalism oftentimes literally terrorizes democracy in the process. Is this really anything more than attempted extortion of someone who clearly leads a life of decadence, selfishness and hyper-consumption and has made his fortune substantially off the backs of other people? That is what a service business is. The owner of a service business makes their fortune exclusively off of labor. It’s not like an invention that benefits society or a cure for cancer. There is no wealth creation involved. It’s doing each other’s laundry as Henry Ford noted. Did you ever get rich doing anyone’s laundry? Not owning a laundry business. But doing someone else’s laundry?

Actually, let me go one step farther. This CEO runs a business that consumes capital. As I have noted on here before, capital-consuming industries are literally no different than transfer payments from the government. We could pay people who work in capital-consuming industries to sit at home, watch TV and collect welfare checks and the impact on our nation’s wealth would be no different. That is a fact not an opinion.

If you work in any finance-related or service field you essentially dig holes in the ground and then fill them in. You are a Keynesian even though most in finance rail on Keynes. Shows how little they know. Of course, listening to financial idiots is why we are in this mess.

A service-based economy cannot grow, cannot inflate its way out of debt and cannot create wealth. It can only exist through the printing of money and, therefore, the continual erosion of currency. In some way, shape or form, every service job is a tax on society. And, because it is a tax, it must either directly or indirectly rely on government handouts or the creation of wealth by others for its existence. That is the impact you have on society if you work in a service job. Nothing new on here. I have written of this before. I know that will rankle people who read that who believe they are more self-important than they really are. So, you may say bullshit. I would say yes it is. Go read a book. You don’t understand capitalism or how wealth is created if you question such a rudimentary dynamic of how our economy works. Your ego is writing checks you can’t cash.

The reality is if you work in a corporate service or finance business, you work for only one of two reasons. One, your proletariat corporate masters want you to work as slaves and indentured servants to line their pockets with riches. Or, two, you work only to receive your share of money in the economy to survive. That’s it. Fact. Not opinion. In other words, this guy may create jobs, jobs that I would surmise for the most part don’t pay a living wage or strong benefits, but also the jobs he creates don’t create wealth. They don’t create capital. In other words, jobs that probably cost society more than they are worth. Like Wal-mart. Jobs that have so little benefit and income that people become reliant on government-provided aid to help them survive. Our economy is primarily driven by this type of job thanks to crooks and criminals. Why do you think 46 million people are on food stamps and why transfer payments, after inflation, have risen 800% since 1980? So, these corporate assholes who generally don’t care about democracy rely not only on their workers to make a personal fortune, but they rely on others in society to produce capital so their company can consume it and then rely on government to supplement the incomes and benefits of people who work for them. What do we call this again? Oh yeah. Privatizing gains and socializing losses. F*cking over society for the benefit of the self.

Personally, I can do without living in a society where megalomaniacs build the largest home in a nation of 300 million people, who don’t create wealth and then attempt to subvert one person, one vote democracy by terrorizing employees for their own personal avarice. You know, Adam Smith’s virtuous invisible hand of capitalism where selfishness somehow miraculously benefits the common good coupled with Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics.

Maybe this is the world you want to live in. Maybe your American dream is sitting in that corner cubicle staring at the concrete block wall, listening to the drone of fluorescent lights overhead, pushing paper from box to box while adding no value or quality to your life or humanity or the world around you. Not me. We can most certainly do better than a slave owner’s plantation economy. I dream of a more quality-driven existence for a free nation. One where our work and expression has meaning and makes a difference in the world around us and the people around us. And, that means limiting the influence of pigs like this to one person, one vote. Because a few of these cretins are ruining it for the rest of us.

Title link here. And, kudos to the usually sycophantic corporate state cheerleader CNBC for reporting it.

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