Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How Dummycrats and Republikaans Conspire In Secret To Subvert Democracy And Shut Out Political Choice

Of course, we all understand this isn’t some revelation.  The only way idiots, con men, liars, thieves, looters, sociopaths, predators and the like can dominate politics in any society is through exercising control to subvert dissent, subvert open debate, subvert superior solutions, subvert choice and in the process, subvert democracy.  This is accomplished through numerous methods of rigging the game.  Manipulating debates is just one small piece of the fascist control both parties have over our society.  Both parties even crucify people in their own parties who get a little too uppity and question party ideology and authority.  Dissent will not be tolerated.  Can you say Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich? 

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, is a relative nobody but she would literally mop the floor with Obama and Romney if given an open, democratic forum.  Quite frankly, Ron Paul mopped the floor with Romney during his debates even though the debates were little more than glamor shots and freak shows.  Imagine what our democracy would look like without political parties and the whorehouse of money they use to control politics. Candidates would be forced to run exclusively on merit rather than any form of control.  That is why some of our founding fathers wanted to ban political parties in the United States. 

I have linked to Open Debates a few times over the years including earlier this week.  The Libertarian Party candidate has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against this corporate-controlled process.  Hahahaha.  How effing rich.  Filing a lawsuit against a corporation that has been set up by the Democratic and Republican Parties, corporations themselves to run our corporate government election process.  Maybe We The People should file an antitrust suit against the corporate federal government.  It’s finally good to see a news source  reporting this corruption.  YOU REALLY should watch this.

I’m highly confident my call first made years ago when everyone was in love with Obama, that both parties would likely fail in coming years, is most certainly going to come to pass.  More and more of the stench and rot is being exposed every day.

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