Friday, September 28, 2012

Congressman Jones’ Press Conference–Is Obama Impeachment Coming?

This is very, very serious and should not be taken as simply political rancor.  If someone in Congress actually stands up to enforce the rule of law, these Whitehouse games of kingship are well outside of the spirit of the Constitution. The executive branch has been involved in a power grab for decades. 

This is a serious discussion by serious people and they indict the progression of Whitehouse power from 1947 that started with the signing of the National Security Act when General George Marshall told President Truman, “ I fear we have militarized the decision-making process.”.   Our foreign policy is our military policy as noted by retired Lt. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson in this video; a man that I personally have great respect for as a decent and just human being.   By the way, Wilkerson was wildly against the hyper-aggressive neoliberal Bush Doctrine while serving Colin Powell in that administration.

In closing, I do not support the Youtube channel of this video but it is the only video that seemed to ensure copyright was valid.  Just sayin.  Pretty freaky.  Ha.

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