Saturday, September 22, 2012

First-Ever Lifecycle Study Links Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Foods To Organ Failure, Cancer And Early Death

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It is imperative that all Americans, Mexicans and Canadians do anything and everything possible to support California’s Proposition 37 forcing the food monopoly to label genetically-modified foods.   Canada and Mexico’s political systems are controlled by the same corporate stooges as those that have turned the U.S. into a fascist state.  This is one of the first battlegrounds to retake our freedom from our corporate masters.

I have put up a lot of posts about genetically-modified industrial food but I don’t think I have ever linked to the documentary The World According To Monsanto.   This post is a good excuse to finally do so.  When this documentary was first released, as soon as it was put on Google Video in the United States, it was taken down.  That happened over and over.  Now it is generally available.  Even if this Youtube link disappears, all you need to do is Google it.    Monsanto is an  organization with a history of massive environmental destruction, alleged bribery around the world and constant intimidation through manipulation of our legal system ie, by using the force of the state.   Monsanto is an example of the countless numbers of Soviet-style corporations in our nation that serve absolutely no productive purpose and would collapse without the backing of the force of the state.  As I have noted many times before, it’s coming. 

Ayn Rand was right about many things.   The unregulated, free market capitalism she glorified allows endless exploitation and predation.  It sets up a system of moochers and producers.  But it’s really corporations led by predators and sociopaths that exploit and prey upon society.  They are the real moochers.   Is it really any surprise that one of the consummate moochers, Mitt Romney, and one of the consummate corporate moochers,  Monsanto, have an intertwined history?  Not only is Mitt part of the one percent but as is the case with almost all of the one percent, they are also the largest benefactors of mooching off of the government and society.

If private equity and private banking were replaced by public institutions as they should be in a democratic, merit-based economy, Mitt would be making a lower-middle class salary because 1) he has never produced or created anything, and 2) he wouldn’t have been able to exploit and leverage innocent victims to loot society.  Of course, as I’ve noted before, the same could be said of all of the Wall Street predators who have looted and bilked society without any regulation or rule of law to stop them.   And, of course, Monsanto, serving no productive purpose to society, wouldn’t even exist.   A glimpse of the future.

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