Monday, September 10, 2012

Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over Record Distances… Again

How about a break from the monotony of the insanity that has become the global economy and its intertwined political lunacy? 

So, what are the implications of the title link of this post?  Could parents and children or siblings share a physical connection that manifests itself as intuition?  Can all people communicate over distances without using sensory communication methods?  Is it possible to read someone else’s mind?  Is it possible to perceive negative and positive energy given off by individuals?  Are the human actions of toppling a corrupt government responsible for the toppling of another corrupt government half way around the world?  Is it possible to see the future or even the past?  Are psychics able to help find lost children?  Can group prayer or the mind’s energy actually heal people?  Is it possible for someone to run their hand above your body and tell if you are suffering from illness?  Is what we are witnessing around the world today a global awakening possibly driven by a subconscious awareness or unknown energy we all share?  Are you actually who or what you perceive you are and actually where you perceive you are in the time you perceive you are in?    Is birth and death actually real?   Do your thoughts change the world? 

The evidence of the world around us is all speculative perception but as one gains a greater appreciation of the nuanced, esoteric and mystical through inner exploration, serious doubts about our perceptions of reality do arise.  Who really knows?   But the exploration of the unknown and the intuition, mysticism and gut feelings many people have are generally written off as nothing more than crazy behavior of crackpots and weirdos.  Sometimes they may be crackpots and weirdos.  Yet intuition and mysticism are as old as humankind.  They are as much a part of our makeup as our ability to use logic and reason.  But really, what do we actually know for certain? I am… and when I am able to let go of every perception…. I am love.  That’s it.  That’s all we really know. 

Or do you believe unsubstantiated perceptions that you were told by other people and, in the process, abandon your inner journey and your higher power?  Or do you only believe what you are able to see with your eyes or your perceptions of the self or its perceived reality?

Does the unknown frighten you or do you reject the unknown as impossible or nonsense? (Fear/Control –> Ego/The Self)  Or are you motivated by curiosity, learning and an open mind?  (Discovery/Truth –> Your inner divinity/Your higher power) 

Later this September we will see the quickening of astrological events that have been intensifying for many years now.  Astrological events that we haven’t seen in hundreds of years.   Astrological events that may usher in collapse, destruction and ultimately renewal.  How will that manifest itself around the world yet this year and then in coming years as intensity ratchets upward even more?  We shall see.  Of course, these are simply the comments of a crackpot.   A crackpot who has uniquely written countless times over the last seven years that we are in a cycle of volatility that is impacting humanity, our planet, nature, society and our economy. 

As noted countless times on here, the world most certainly is not as it seems. 

Quantum teleportation link here.

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