Saturday, September 08, 2012

Correspondence And Collusion Between The New York Times, Hollywood And The CIA

I passed on the story earlier this year that was leaked to the New York Times by the Obama administration regarding their Friday conference calls on who the state would murder next.  But that was possibly the most Orwellian piece of state propaganda I think I have ever read in this nation.  Truly.  To have my government’s officials comparing Obama’s team of hitmen to Thomas Aquinas and the virtues of administration officials being as priests leading a moral war made me want to puke.  As a human being, the actions of the White House were truly void of any moral clarity whatsoever.   There is no such thing as a just war.  There may be necessary wars to defend the world from genocide and sociopaths but there is no justice in watching thousands or millions of people murdered under the guise of any war.  It’s sickening to hide behind any kind of institutionalized murder aka war as just.   War is man’s most evil invention. 

Sometimes the Obama administration’s actions are so surreal I feel like I am living in some dystopian version of the The Manchurian Candidate.   This most recent story by Glenn Greenwald is just as disturbing, if not more so than the New York Times propaganda link above.  Greenwald highlights watchdog group Judicial Watch’s  disclosure of documents showing how Obama’s team and the CIA exploited leaks of Osama Bin Laden’s murder for political gain and propaganda.  All while the Obama administration prosecutes more government security leaks than all presidents before him.  Combined.   The hypocrisy and manipulation of the American people is simply staggering.   

Now, I’m no fan of Osama Bin Laden but as the only living Nuremburg prosecutor, Ben Ferencz, has noted, law not state-sponsored murder should be the justice the world seeks.   Bringing people to justice and to stand trial, the rule of law, is what separates a free and democratic society from barbaric murderers.  If these targets of state-sponsored murder are truly guilty, why not publish the crimes they are charged with after killing them?  By the way, Ferencz has been a fierce advocate of using the International Criminal Court to prosecute  justice when the world’s political leaders take murder into their own hands.   It should be no surprise that people of moral conscience are speaking out in greater numbers including retired South African bishop Desmond Tutu who has just called for George Bush and Tony Blair to face war crimes at The Hague. 

What is even more disturbing about the Greenwald/Judicial Watch story is the CIA is proofreading New York Times columns before print.   We know the mainstream media is a shill for political idiots.  Is the mainstream media also a propaganda mouthpiece for the CIA?   Who knows what else they are doing in secrecy with any other media sources, or for that matter corporations, governments or any other pillar of bureaucratic power in our nation or around the world. 

Remember, I posted some time ago that the CIA had hundreds of former Nazis on the payroll after World War II.   A fact courtesy exposed by prying eyes through the the Freedom of Information Act. 

Obama has just accused the Republicans of creating a fictional Barack Obama.  That’s really quite funny.  I thought Obama had done a good job of that himself.  The image created of the man who ran for president is most certainly not the reality of who is president.  Who really is the real versus the fictional Barack Obama?  I have absolutely no idea.   But, I am quite capable of separating political rhetoric from actions of politicians. 

Now, I most certainly don’t have all of the facts. You know, just like politicians who order murder of people around the world don’t have all of the facts - the reason why we have a rule of law and due process.  No one knows exactly what all of the facts are because of so much secrecy in government.  Secrecy that is most likely being used in some large part because injustice and immorality cannot survive in the light of day.  It scurries into the darkness. 

I just want to put a place marker for something I have said quite a few times on here over the years. That is, I would not be surprised to see Nuremberg-type trials in the United States at some point. At the time I first wrote that, people probably thought I was nuts.  Maybe they still do.  But it seems a whole lot less nuts today.

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