Saturday, September 08, 2012

ECB Announces New Bond Purchase Program For Mammon, The Gambino Crime Family, Jamie Dimon, Charles Manson, The Wall Street Crime Syndicate And Other Looters

All I can say is lol.  The markets get hyped with every new program to save the investor class and the banking criminals.  But, none of these programs are working or central banks wouldn’t have to keep announcing new ones.  In fact, as the number of economic winners continues to narrow, central banking programs have less and less effect.  That means their money bazookas need to be larger and larger to have the same effect.   

I’m not a lawyer and certainly don’t understand all ECB-related treaties and laws but from what I did understand, this program is illegal.  But, really, who cares?   Illegal is the new black.  Illegal defines the world of financial criminals and their marionette political clowns.  The rule of law is dead everywhere.  It has been stolen by corporate and political greed and corruption. 

This program is a sterilized program.  In other words, while the ECB is buying sovereign bonds, the liquidity or money created by the issuance of these new bonds is going to be sucked right back out of the market by the ECB.  ie, Money scarcity that is causing record high unemployment across Europe will not change whatsoever.  The key point to this program is that the ECB will only buy bonds IF the austerity measures of national governments are implemented.  Austerity programs are covert forms of violence and exploitation of the most vulnerable people in society.  Exploitation and violence committed by politicians, banksters and corporations. 

So, what does sterilization really mean?  It means there will be no new money available to national governments to assist those suffering under 25% unemployment.  There will be no no money to save social programs.  The massive cuts to those who are most often exploited by political and banking criminals have no relief.  But, this program does temporarily bail out the investor class.  It keeps bondholders from having to take a haircut.  All it does is bail out those who made bad gambling bets.  Again.  That’s it.  Are you really surprised that Jamie Dimon gets a reprieve out for his massive exposure to European debt that would have caused devastating losses without more bailouts?   Of course, JP Morgan and other Wall Street looters saw their stocks rise substantially in the last two days thanks to the latest bailout of their systemic incompetence and malfeasance.  The person who cannot feed his or her family and put a roof over their head?  They get another shit sandwich.  This will do absolutely nothing to create jobs.  In fact, given nations have to sign up for austerity, unemployment most certainly will continue to rise in nations participating in this program.  Humpty Dumpty is simply now sitting on a higher wall. 

Hey, guess who else is involved in this program?  The looters at the IMF.  No surprise there.  This American-run looting bureaucracy has to make sure Jamie Dimon and the Wall Street crime syndicate got their bailout.  Again. 

By the way, while this is a massive program, it does not guarantee the future of the Euro as is remarked in this announcement.  This does nothing to overcome the structural issues of the euro.  It’s simply the latest in the central banking game of Whac-A-Mole meant to continue the looting of national sovereignty by predatory corporations and unelected political crooks.  The chances of eventual failure of the euro have not changed whatsoever.

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