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The Coming Collapse Of Political Parties: Romney’s Ties To Oligarch Death Money And Bain Capital’s Offshore Investments Used 'Blockers' To Avoid Taxes

So there are your choices.  It’s Dumb Or Dumber for the 2012 presidential elections.   Both of these men are held up as brilliant achievers by the dumbed-down corporate state.    The best candidates political parties can muster.  Because to rise to the level of opportunity in any political party, one must first support the party ideology, which is nothing more than an intent to control and therefore, subvert truth.  It is almost impossible for anyone of any substantial quality, moral character, intelligence, compassion or reason to rise through the current two party system.  Especially as president.  As George Orwell predicted about our dystopian future, “There will be no loyalty except to the party.”.   And so it is.  To hell with democracy and economic rights.

Political parties are only interested in maintaining control.  Only interested in the benefit of the self.   Only interested in maintaining power for its cronies.  Political parties subvert the process of debate and discourse that hones the blade of excellence in ideas and solutions that is democracy.  Instead we are left with essentially one choice.  It’s the National Socialist German Workers Party or the Nazi Party.   By the way there was nothing socialist or worker about the Nazi Party.   German fascism trounced labor and Hitler hated socialism.   The party’s name was nothing more than pure propaganda.  Hitler picked the name because of social values held by most Germans at the time.   

Speaking of workers, it’s the same type of propaganda that the Democrats perpetuate as the party of workers.  Most Americans have seen their wages stagnant for thirty years while they have been ravaged by inflation.  The Democratic Party never resisted any of this.  In fact, most in the party supported it.  Barack Obama, himself, has presided over a massive trouncing and firing of millions of union workers in state and local governments, teaching positions and the destruction of the automotive pay scale in the automotive industry bailout.   And, in return he has created four million mythical jobs.  But data clearly shows the only jobs being created are low wage, no benefit jobs.   Obama has done nothing to even try to stop it.   But people continue to outsource their beliefs to a reality that doesn’t exist.  People still cling to perceptions of a man that only exists in their mind.  The Democrats and Republicans are the same party.  The party of fascism and empire.   The party of the self.   The party of corruption.  The anti-democratic and anti-economic rights party.  The party of stooges.

When I first wrote of the likely coming collapse of both political parties in this nation, the feedback was consistent;  I was ludicrous.  And, that the parties served our nation well.  Well, as noted before, many of our founding fathers understood the subversion of democracy caused by political parties and wanted them banned.

Can you hear me now?  In a country controlled by political parties, discovery and truth is always subverted.   The rule of law is always subverted by the rule of men.  In a country ruled by men and not by law, the ends justifies the means.   Voter suppression, selling out democracy for a cut of the action, murdering untold numbers of people in undeclared, unnecessary and unjust wars, selling out economic rights for empire, selling out to murderers to raise capital, they are all rationalizations and delusions of the mind of man.  They are all only possible in a society that allows the rule of man to subvert the rule of law. 

We are a nation of men and not of law.  That is the fundamental reason our society and our economy is in such dire shape.  Mitt Romney isn’t going to fix this.  Nor is Barack Obama.  They are the problems.   They want to perpetuate the nation of men.  Neither are soliciting any ideas from democracy.  Their ideas are simply the perpetuation of control for benefit of the self.   For the party.  …no loyalty except to the party.

What type of person wants so badly to gain authority over another human being that they are willing to smear another person, lie, cheat and do anything and everything possible simply to attain that power?  That is the basis of politics.  Not the type of person I want having authority over my economic or human rights.   But, that is everyone who is in the system.  Politics is a remnant of ancient man that has outlived its purpose.  Democracy needs to jettison politics and replace it with public service.  With people who have an intent of discovery and service to humanity.  Selflessness. 

This isn’t some new phenomenon.  This has been going on for two hundred years.    Anyone who supports political parties is unknowingly destroying the rule of law, democracy and their own economic rights. 

I still haven’t put up my post detailing the dynamics of that collapse but it’s coming.  “It” being the likely collapse of both parties and my post.  Smile  I’ll try to get it up before the elections. 

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