Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watchdog Group Public Citizen Releases Obama’s Plan For Global Corporate Governance aka Global Fascism

It is simply impossible to keep up with everything I want to write about on here.  I had the intention of making this an in depth post but time is running by and the 2012 mockery of a presidential election is in full swing.

I love the Obama apologists who wish to blame all of this administration’s incompetence and worse on George Bush.  Many remain convinced that Bush was an idiot and all we needed was another supposedly brilliant Democrat as president to make everything as right as rain.  You know, like Bill Clinton.  And, then all of our problems would be solved by a man standing high on a hill who omnisciently spoke words of wisdom that would transform our lives.   How’s that working out for you?

Bush most certainly was a horrible president.  Although, I will say that I would take Bush over Obama any day without going into the litany of reasons why.   Not, the least of which is Bush would never sell out America’s sovereignty.   He was not a globalist corporate shill as Obama is; although he most certainly was a corporatist shill.  But, the founding fathers of this crisis are Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton for their destruction of the rule of law and the subsequent rise in a system that embraced their ideals on economic neofeudalism or trickle down economics, turning the military-industrial complex into an uncontrollable monster, deregulating capitalism, deregulating finance and creating a hyper-neoliberal, Darwinian global economic model where the sociopaths, criminals, corporate bureaucrats and political idiots thrive.   It appears from this agreement leaked to Public Citizen that Obama is intent upon secretly bringing all of the aforementioned dynamics into one cohesive package; the final solution. 

I find it wildly ironic that a man whose father lived in a nation that was endlessly victimized, exploited and preyed upon by colonialism and imperialism, both clearly forms of predation, violence and slavery, and whose African American heritage should leave him well aware of the plight of minorities against corruption, indignity, inhumanity, discrimination and outright evil in our nation’s history, is proposing a global dystopian corporatist agenda that conscripts the people of the world into a modern day slave labor pool for the Godless, inhumane corporate state.   A plan that takes economic determination & rights, democratic rights and human rights and literally destroys them in favor of corporate governance and slavery; a global dumbed-down Godless state of corporate control.  One that benefits political idiots and their corporate masters while conscripting the rest of us.  A plan that subverts democratic, economic, sovereign and human rights in favor of the supremacy of global corporate rights.   In essence a plan that takes the massively tyrannical and corrupt concept of corporate personhood onto a global scale.   Regardless of where you live, your economic, sovereign, human and democratic rights are being sold out from under you by your country’s politicians who are all engaged in this global cabal of subversive secrecy. 

This isn’t anything that can be blamed on George Bush.  This is solely an Obama agenda.  In fact, most people in Congress don’t even have access to this secret trade agreement.  But, hundreds of corporate representatives do.   Democracy is dead but fascism is alive and well.  What did President John F. Kennedy say about secrecy in a free and open society?  (Kennedy is talking about communism and the Soviet Union.  It’s frightening how much that speech represents our system of governance around the world today.  How democracy has been trounced.  How Kennedy talks of a closed or secret conscription system that relies mostly on covet means, subversion, infiltration and intimidation to increase its sphere of influence; the dumbed-down Godless corporate state.)  Obama is quite apparently bought and paid for by corporatist fascist elements in this nation.  That is, unless I am missing something. 

If you plan on voting for Obama as the lesser of two evils or I suppose even if you still have faith in the rule of man over the rule of law or somehow view him as a messianic figure that is going to save your inner child, you really need to dig deep inside and have a chat with your inner child and your conscience.    The time for rationalizations in voting for a lesser of two evils is over.  The messiah isn’t here.   Your inner child isn’t going to relive its traumatic experiences through Obama.  Only you will save your inner child and yourself.  Only We The People will save our nation, our democracy, our economic rights, our sovereignty and each other from political idiots and their corporate masters.

Public Citizen press release link here.

Public Citizen’s leaked Obama trade agreement here.

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