Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Ryan's Love Of Rage Against The Machine Is Amusing Because He (An Extreme Right Wing Nut Job) Is The Embodiment Of The Machine

How Paul Ryan is considered brilliant by the Republikan Party is more proof of how dumbed-down the corporate state truly is.  If he is as good as it gets, give me a one way ticket to the former Soviet Union.  It couldn’t be any worse.  At least political clowns there had enough respect for their citizens to make sure everyone had health care, food (albeit gruel), shelter and an education.  Paul Ryan is a man who is clearly disconnected from his humanity and is consumed by the self.  But, then his self-professed idol wrote a collection of essays titled “The Virtues of Selfishness”.    Now Ryan, running as vice presidential candidate wants to shove those batty ideas of selfishness down your gullet.   Both political parties in this nation will send us back to the stone age if we allow them.  Which, by the way, we won’t.  This op-ed by a Rage Against the Machine band member is a little bit of on-target amusing irony for some light weekend readingSmile with tongue out

posted by TimingLogic at 1:39 PM