Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Cycle Of Volatility Update: NASA-Funded Plasma Physicist Finds Hidden Magnetic Portals That Blow Another Massive Hole In Anthropogenic Global Warming

"It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead." -- Thomas Jefferson


I laugh whenever I hear Al Gore talk about how the science behind anthropogenic global warming is settled.    This is his defense used when a seemingly endless array of data and discovery doesn't fit his unscientific view of humanity's involvement in global warming. 

That Gore and anthropogenic global warming advocates, including its often fudged science-less data, continue to use the meme of settled science clearly shows an intent to control rather than an intent of discovery that is an integral part of the scientific process.   Remember, the human mind has only two intents in everything it does: the intent to control, a product of the manifested self or ego, and the intent of discovery, a manifestation of our higher power or what makes us human.   But then Gore is a politician.  Politics is nothing more than a game whose primary intent is control driven by the associated ego.    And we clearly know politics (control) subverts the purity of discovery as we see in countless arenas politicians and bureaucrats have now implanted themselves.   Political control relies on people outsourcing their own discovery to another person with an intent to control.  In other words, Al Gore is only able to advance his batty science-less theories because others are willing to outsource their own discovery process to him.    Frankly, that's the only reason Hitler came to power.  And, that very dynamic is the basis for Gore's entire political life.  A life spent trying to convince others of his legitimate authority.  But the only legitimate authority on this planet is the rule of law determined through reason, discourse and discovery.  Not man.   Gore ultimately failed in his intent of authority but found a new method of control; hijacked science.  Maybe someday Gore will get the help he needs and realize his journey isn't to find his worthiness by controlling and manipulating others.   But, then given Gore is now in his elder years, that would be an epiphany that is almost certainly never going to develop.

There's almost nothing settled in science when it comes to theory.   Any theory.  Theory that passes peer review remains relevant, whether completely accepted or not, whether accurate or not, until someone else invalidates some aspect of a theory through discovery and reason, regardless of how small that invalidation is.  There are so many holes in anthropogenic global warming that it has never passed peer review.  It never will.   The science clearly is not settled except with those who outsource their own journey to Gore as some messianic figure.   Anthropogenic global warming can't pass peer review so what is it?  It is a social movement.  It is the mob.  That's all.   In other words, its roots lie in propaganda and control.  And, being that most people are unwilling to admit they have been duped, it remains relevant propaganda for reasons of ego and the self.  How many times throughout history has the self been willing to defend unsubstantiated beliefs to its ultimate demise or until ultimate crisis?  We see that dynamic at work today across countless beliefs including neoliberal free trade and all aspects of American politics. 

When a scientific theory is put forth by a life-long politician who apparently never took a single science class during his education, doesn't therefore likely have an appreciation for the complexities of the earth's climate or the baseline in chemistry, physics or mathematics to propose a valid scientific theory, never showed any aptitude for inquisitiveness so necessary to legitimate scientific discovery and most importantly won't participate in the process of peer review and vetting, well, I think we can safely conclude Al ain't quite as front of the bus as he wants us to believe.  To believe for purposes of the self and ego aka control.   Al Gore and his politicization of science has hijacked discovery and reason and turned it into a political drama.  What would one expect from a drama queen?

While humanity most certainly affects climate, the forces of the universe and our planet acting on our climate are awesome and incomprehensible in comparison.  More importantly, they are clearly not well understood.  And, none of these dynamics are included in anthropogenic global warming's simple-minded models.  But, the science is settled.  Or so we are told.   This from a man who said the interior of the earth is several million degrees.  Of course, he's only off by several million degrees.  I would guess Al's remarks are no worse than Elmer Fudd, a fellow dunce, would conclude.  But then we live in a dumbed-down world where countless Elmer Fudds are running our nation,  our corporations, our religious institutions and other institutions of ego. 

Republicans are often the modern day incarnation of Luddites for their outright rejection of science.  The Democrats coyly pretend to embrace science but clearly reject it when it serves an objective of political control.  They do so by manipulating and politicizing science to fit their liberal agenda of brow-beating the rest of us into submission of their political agenda of control.   (Liberal and progressive are NOT the same. Dick Cheney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are hyper or neo liberals.)  The politicization of science is everywhere and it is fueled by this false, dumbed-down left-right paradigm of political parties.  Climatology has become a left-right political issue ruled by the most incompetent and unqualified people in our society;  politicians and those who outsource their own intelligence to them.  Dumb and dumber fighting for control in the idiocracy (The president's cabinet in action).   Please God, awaken me from this Orwellian nightmare where dunces and stooges have hijacked the purity of reason, truth and discovery for purposes of control in the modern-day idiocracy.  Where people like Obama, Gore, Romney, Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Cantor, Boehner and other bought-and-paid-for lackeys determine what is real and what is science. 

Al's legacy will take care of itself in due time.  But, I have noted numerous times over the years where data doesn't substantiate anthropogenic global warming's curve-fitted conclusions.  One such post was one where I highlighted NASA's measurements of climate change , climate volatility and melting of ice caps all across the solar system.  Anthropogenic global warming advocates responded to this dynamic with more of their rationalized, unscientific absurdity.  But now, we have further evidence of the connectedness of the solar system's shared weather volatility.   That is, magnetic portals that provide direct energy conduits between the sun and most likely all planets and possibly moons in our solar system.  This dynamic may possibly even exist between planetary magnetospheres, which would possibly lend some scientific credence to mundane and planetary astrology; dynamics that seem to have very substantial long cycle merit. 

Scientists who study the sun recognize that the sun's weather volatility has been rising as has weather volatility on earth and throughout the solar system.  But the sun's weather volatility cycle is expected to peak next year.   This is confirmed by the recent discovery by Japan's Hinode exploratory satellite that the sun may be entering a quadrupole configuration leading to reduced sun weather volatility and lower temperatures on earth.    This dynamic  similarly happened the last time we had what many scientists consider a mini ice-age that ironically lasted the length of a Gleissberg solar cycle.   Life is cyclical.   The sun's weather is cyclical.  Earth's weather is cyclical.  The movement of our planets and our solar system is cyclical.  Those forces are impacted by cyclical events well beyond our knowledge.  Gestation, heart beats, seasons, birth/death... literally everything

The sun is literally over a million times larger than earth.  And the energy from the sun that impacts our planet in the blink of an eye is greater than any impact humanity has ever had since the beginning of our time here on earth.   Impacts from beyond our solar system are millions of times greater than the sun and are being discovered regularly.   And, then there is the massive energy created by the earth itself.  Most climatologists and scientists who actually understand complex systems have a great appreciation that our planet's long term weather cycles are substantially impacted by what happens in the ocean depths.  And, what happens in the ocean depths is substantially impacted by the earth's inner core and magnetosphere, which are in turn impacted by the sun, our solar system and beyond.   In other words, Al Gore has no clue what he is talking about as his simple-minded analysis takes none of this and countless other unknown dynamics into account.   

I've been writing for years we are most likely transitioning to a period of global cooling as volatility portends a change in trend and many cyclical patterns are pointing to a change in earth's weather patterns to a cold and possibly dry cycle.    By the way, history tells us that  democracy loves these cold cycles.   That may be coincidence or it may possibly be some interaction of energy dynamics affecting human behavior, awareness or consciousness.   But it is simply more anecdotal confirmation the status quo is in for a rude return to democracy. 

The discoveries by NASA and other space agencies around the world are happening at a dizzying rate.  And, they are rewriting the frontier of science.  But, those who seek to control science, for reasons of the manifested self and ego, are not embracing these discoveries.   What a surprise.  And, unfortunately we are not able to savor these advances in knowledge as we should because propaganda is subverting knowledge, truth and reason.  And because so many are focused on a fight to feed and house their families thanks to political stooges who have also tanked our democracy and our economy. 

Most of us who are young enough will likely live to see the day when Al Gore has to give back his Nobel Prize.   Well, that may never happen.  But we most certainly will live to see a day when bureaucrats like Al Gore are found out.   When those days of enlightenment come, and they are already here for many, that means those who are absurd will no longer hold political and propaganda reign over our lives as they do today.   Control versus truth.  The days of reckoning are upon us.

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