Monday, August 06, 2012

George Will : The Dangers Of Football Aren't Going Away. Maybe That's A Valid But Incomplete Observation. Maybe Football Itself Is Going Away.

This discussion has probably been going on with fans and people throughout society for years.   I applaud Will for writing about an issue that seems taboo on some level.   Although Will writes from a perspective he understands.  This issue is much more reflective of a dying political structure, and with it a dying monetary and banking system enabled by massive political corruption.  Regardless, as football's participants have become modern-day science experiments, it has transformed itself into a gladiator sport.  It has become brutally violent and threatens everyone who steps on the field of battle.  Of course, I wouldn't stop there.  Cage fighting and boxing aren't much better; although it may be arguable that those sports can be regulated into some level of safety.   As Will points out, I'm not sure that is possible with football.

Some people argue that a declining society amuses itself to death.  Postman was indeed just another in a long list of prescient Cassandras.   While there is some argument that this is a form of the Roman's bread and circuses or appeasing society into a dumbed-down state while a ruling class pilfers and loots when no one is looking, the reality is much more scientific, simple and sinister.  

It has been years since I have written of this, but we are going to see a much different future as it pertains to the salaries of many people in our economy.  I have noted more than once over the last seven years that we can expect salaries in certain professions to drop as much as 90%.  As I have noted, that includes sports and entertainment.   On some level, will this issue of sports violence take care of itself?  If salaries can no longer be paid to support athletes who train to the level of being lab experiments, will the sports themselves die or will the size and strength of the athlete adjust substantially?  It's possible because you can mark my word, the salary correction is coming.   There is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

I'll put up another post in the next six to twelve months on the science behind this coming salary collapse.  It's something no one else is talking about but is easily explainable through incontrovertible economic math. 

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