Thursday, July 12, 2012

LIBOR and PFGBest: The Latest Criminal Examples Of The Private For-Profit Bankster Syndicate

I'm really bored with writing about the same old nonsense but I guess I have to mention this.  It's more of that change you can believe in.

Back in 2008 when the financial markets collapsed my first pronouncement was that global finance and globalization were now officially dead.   I received a fair amount of flack for those statements although my statements were most certainly accurate. 

It's hard for people to remember 2008 but the illusions of the global economy were still strong.   The crisis was still considered a U.S. housing and subprime mortgage issue.   Righhhht.   We still had many in finance and investing who were bearish on the U.S. but were writing about how emerging markets, China and Europe were safe havens.  Righhhht again.  Of course, we had been writing leading up to the 2008 mess that those areas were going to eventually get hit harder than the U.S. and that this crisis was a full global economic collapse. 

Too many people think with their eyes.  Do you see it yet?  Don't worry, you will. 

PFGBest Revelations Shock Industry (Really?  Shocked?  Are you brain dead?)

The Federal Reserve and Timmy Geithner knew about the LIBOR scandal for years and did little as banksters plundered and looted democracy.

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