Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Democracy Now! Discusses The Mess That Is The Corporatist Unaffordable Care Act

The 4th of July is about freedom.  But, freedom is a state of mind.  You have to want to be free.  And, the flip side of that is taking responsibility for having that gift.   If you are one of the people cheering this Supreme Court decision about health care, you really need to consider removing your head from your derriere.  You aren't any more free than than a hamster running on that proverbial wheel.  You have fallen prey to the dimwittery of political propaganda.  It's time to get real with yourself and take some responsibility.  In other words, quit cheering political victories like it's your favorite sports team and start thinking critically to educate yourself beyond the ad hominem political lunacy perpetuated by party politics.  Because you are the reason the dumbed-down corporate state still survives.  That you cheer party political victories is leading you down the path of misinformation, intellectual defeatism and ultimately great ignorance.  Politicians are some of the most incompetent, unqualified, uniformed people in our society.   They always have been and until we see a post-political society, and it will happen some day, they always will be.   And, that means when politicians pass a law that has not been vetted by civil discourse and dissent, let alone read by the dimwits who passed it, the unintended consequences usually ripple through our lives and the economy like an earthquake for years or decades or forever until the stupidity is somehow stopped - usually by the endless crises in poverty, joblessness, victimization, predation, violence and the like that politicians have created.

It's quite amusing that in this video segment they show Marco Rubio being interviewed on Faux News stating that Obama's health care bill is nothing more than a gigantic tax increase on middle-class Americans.  Now people who cheer their respective teams in politics might expect the guests interviewed in this segment, who are all for national health care by the way, as am I, to excoriate Rubio because he is a member of the enemy party's camp.  Of course, that is the reason why we have a dumbed-down corporate state.  Because we have these endless ad hominem attacks by politicians that shout down reason, intelligence, discourse, vetting and dissent.  And, people line up behind their favorite team in a form of unbridled mob lunacy that creates an idiocracy run by the biggest idiots, politicians.  It's a form of political control that works quite handsomely to maintain victory of the party over the victory of We The People.   The dumbed-down corporate state is dumbed-down because ignorant and clueless politicians control it.    In fact, the guests in this segment actually acknowledge that Rubio is indeed correct.   That this bill simply lines the coffers of a corrupt, wildly inefficient health care system as a massive tax.   They do so because they embrace reason, intellectual honesty and truth rather than the idiocy of the political mob.  This corrupt, awful bill was passed because it served our corporate masters.  There are no ifs, ands or buts.  Medicare was what we should have gotten instead of corporate tyranny and predation. 

Forget about whether you think this bill gives people access to health care because the economics don't match up so they most certainly can't pay for it.  Forget about if you think this increases women's rights after endless victimization by Republikan misogynists because tens of millions of women won't be able to afford it.  Forget about if you think this is a step towards single payer which is clearly nothing more than a delusion because corporations have tightened their grip with this bill.  We already have a single payer system.  It's called Medicare.   This is the best bill corporations could buy.

The reality is this bill is wildly corrupt and is going to devastate people and our economy.   The problem with politicians is they don't understand economics, money, business or the consequence of their political decisions on average Americans.  And, quite frankly, most really don't care what the consequences are.  That is why our nation should be ruled by law.  And that means much of what is left to the discretion of political victories should instead be law that cannot be tampered with.  That includes an economic constitution that guarantees Americans certain economic rights that can never be tampered with by political dimwits. 

The only good news in this video segment is how Vermont, which used benchmarking and the input from health care experts, instead of bribery and lobbying from corporations to implement their own single payer system.  

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