Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Law Upheld As A Tax

This is going to be very interesting.  The supreme court gave the president something he didn't want.  Obama repeatedly and vehemently denied that this health care mandate was a tax.   Obviously, because passage of a new health care bureaucracy under the guise of a new tax would be very, very, very unpopular.   Especially when that tax was collected by the force of the state and then handed to for-profit corporations as is the case.  ie, Fascism, cronyism and toady politicians picking winners and losers in the economy.  (By the way, you haven't and never will be picked because one person/one vote is dead courtesy of legalized corporate bribery.)  But the constitutionality of this law is upheld as a tax and not under the guise of regulating interstate commerce as the president wanted.  This will have some repercussions.  We shall have to watch events unfold to see what they are.

posted by TimingLogic at 11:37 AM