Friday, June 22, 2012

JFK - Government Secrecy Is Repugnant To A Free Society. Obama Grants Secrecy To Fast And Furious And Corrupt Trade Negotiations

We have hit on this topic quite often, including a link to the excellent documentary titled Secrecy.   It is no coincidence that our personal privacy, protected by the Constitution, is constantly under attack by the corporate state.  That includes both the state and corporations.  While, at the same time, the hypocrisy is astounding as the same corporate state constantly and systemically hides behind illegitimate and unconstitutional claims of secrecy, privacy and privilege.   Our corporate state masters don't even attempt to give an illusion of public service.  

President invokes secrecy in Fast and Furious (comparable in many aspects to the abuse of power of Iran-Contra.  No Americans died in Iran-Contra.)

Mexico and Canada asked to join secret Obama trade negotiations granting foreign corporations unprecedented power by subverting our rule of law.

JFK  speech -  Secrecy in a free society and a free government is repugnant.  "No President should fear public scrutiny....." (A frighteningly prescient speech that reflects today's corporate state secrecy.  We have become everything JFK highlighted in this speech including subverting elections and democracy around the globe.  We are the Soviet Union.)

Obama is no JFK.  Democracy cannot survive secrecy in government.  Democracy is dead.  It was killed by Democrats and Republicans.

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