Monday, June 18, 2012

Organic Solar Makes Leap And Low Temperature Reaction For A Hydrogen Economy

The hand-wringing  over some post-apocalyptic world without energy because we have used it all....... are politicizations and histrionics void of reason and fact.   They are Malthusian manifestations of the dumbed-down corporate state.  

When political dunces start warning us that any future looks bleak as it pertains to science, it is a manipulated social movement reflecting no sustainable reality.  Politicians don't know shit about anything other than manipulation and control - peak energy and anthropogenic global warming are just two examples of the stupidity of the dumbed-down corporate state.  And, if you believe either, you need to get your head examined or wake up from the endless propaganda pump because you have bought into Orwell's 1984.  Contrarily, in the real world, void of political dunces and their endless manipulation, science and discovery are moving at a dizzying pace.

Organic solar cells make a leap forward.

Scientists discover clean, low temperature reaction to split water for hydrogen.

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