Friday, June 15, 2012

Leaked Trade Agreement Documents - Obama Wants To Help Foreign Corporations Subvert America's Rule Of Law

You should really watch this video

A draft agreement leaked Wednesday shows the Obama administration is pushing a secretive trade agreement that could vastly expand corporate power and directly contradict a 2008 campaign promise by President Obama. A U.S. proposal for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact between the United States and eight Pacific nations would allow foreign corporations operating in the U.S. to appeal key regulations to an international tribunal. The body would have the power to override U.S. law and issue penalties for failure to comply with its ruling. We speak to Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, a fair trade group that posted the leaked documents on its website. "This isn’t just a bad trade agreement," Wallach says. "This is a 'one-percenter' power tool that could rip up our basic needs and rights."

Will this finally wake up the endless excuses put forth by the Obama apologists?   Blaming Republicans for everything.  Those who refuse to look past the rhetoric created through hundreds of millions of dollars of political propaganda used to create an image of a man that doesn't actually exist.  That is, except in the minds of those who created the propaganda.

I doubt even George Bush would have given up American sovereignty and with it our constitutional rights.  I simply cannot rationalize with any form of reason why a president who is supposed to be a constitutional scholar is operating in so much secrecy.   Why he is knowingly dismantling our rule of law and operating outside of constitutional authority on so many issues.

The signs were there.  When Obama said he was going to renegotiate corrupt trade agreements during the 2008 campaign and then it was leaked that Obama's campaign team told Canadian officials not to be alarmed because he was essentially lying.  Was apparently feeding Americans what they wanted to hear to get elected rather than any virtuous form of truth.  If we look at actions rather than rhetoric, that conversation may have actually taken place.  

The political world in the U.S. could get very interesting before November 2012.    We have what I would argue could easily be the two worst presidential candidates in my adult life.  Dumb and Dumber choices provided by the dumbed-down corporate state.

The rule of law is dead.  The Constitution is dead.  And the Democratic and Republican parties killed both.

In closing, this is an interesting perspective from New Zealand on this scam job.

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