Monday, June 04, 2012

The Truth About Facebook Is Revealed After Its Corporate Executives And Investment Banks Successfully Loot Society

Isn’t it interesting that this information only became available after the IPO?  Where was this type of honest appraisal leading up to the IPO?  It was drown out by the propaganda of Wall Street looters and the sycophantic mainstream press.  

This article is a reminder that the dynamics of the systemic looting in the Clinton era internet stock bubble are still part of predatory Wall Street’s lexicon.  Companies were hyped as game-changers, the future economy and technology powerhouses as they were brought public at astronomical values.  Pensions, retirement accounts and unknowing grandmothers were the victims.  

After popping to $42 on its first day, Faceplant’s stock is now down to $26 and change just a few weeks later. 

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