Friday, June 01, 2012

The Documentary U.N. Me

George Bush had at least one thing right.  He wasn’t a fan of the United Nations.  While dialog between nations is always more constructive than war or isolation, the U.N. is a morally-bankrupt bureaucracy.  It’s right up there with the EU, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the Chinese Communist Party, the ECB, the Saudi royal family, Hosni Mubarak, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and other unelected bureaucracies that oftentimes reign terror over people. 

Even though its founding intent was virtuous, I’m not sure the U.N. in its current form will ever be anything more than a cesspool for corruption.  The sovereignty of the United States lies in the Constitution not Somali war lords appointed to bureaucratic positions at the U.N. who then use their self-granted authority and power to loot. 

I have not yet seen this documentary but it opens today.  I am looking forward to its exposure of another source of concentrated, opaque, nondemocratic power that is used to loot, prey on and victimize innocent people around the world.

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