Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big Sister Buys More Drones Than She Knows What To Do With

Just another example of the Soviet-style, centrally-planned overproduction of weapons systems that is the military-industrial complex.   A control-based bureaucracy that spends more money on military expenditures than every other nation on earth.  Combined.  And, if we factor in the ancillary costs of military hegemony, including the NRC which is responsible for our nuclear arsenal, the State Department, endless undeclared wars and other covert operations, we spend nearly twice as much as the rest of the world on a bloated and massively corrupt military-industrial complex.

No money for our kids, schools, health care,  homeowners, impoverished, bridges or those without a voice but plenty of money to buy the constant, endless overproduction of for-profit weapons systems providers that perpetuate violence, predation and victimization around the globe.   We went well beyond the needs of national defense eons ago.  We can thank Ronald Reagan and pliant Democrats for unleashing the beast.  We have become the Soviet Union.

What is the number one export of the United States?  Violence and weapons.....  now coming to a neighborhood near you courtesy of our Nobel Peace Prize-winning El Presidente.

posted by TimingLogic at 11:52 AM