Friday, June 08, 2012

The Social Science Of Economics - Predation, Victimization and Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Three. Republicans Team Up With Banking Criminals To Gut CFTC… Again

This is how elites, corporations and those who hate democracy dumb- down our government via political corruption in both parties.  This essentially makes our government an ineffective and feeble idiocracy that is unable to accomplish anything  other than doling out political favors for cash, bribes,future employment, paybacks (cronyism) etc.  In other words, our government is turned into a tool of predation, victimization and violence used to beat back democracy rather than being the champion of democracy. 

This then gives cover to lunacy and messages of hate, anger, violence and exaltation of the self.  That includes Ron Paul.  Paul accurately identifies many of the issues in Washington but then his solutions are to dismantle generations of democratic progress made in the efforts of protecting those without a voice, those who are the most vulnerable and other manifestations of democracy.   These are policies of violence against those most vulnerable in our society.  Yet Paul doesn’t  have a problem with unlimited spending in campaigns or politics which is clearly a subversion of one person, one vote; the foundation of democracy.   His ideology is driven by further exaltation of the self and unleashing even greater anarchy on our society through the dismantling of medical rights, Social Security, regulation, programs for the poor and those without a voice, etc. 

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