Monday, June 18, 2012

Breast Milk Kills HIV - An Allegory For Today's Neoliberal Society

There is no better scientist than nature.  Scientists have made great advances in keeping people with HIV alive.  In the end, most of our perceived advances in medicine are tied to cutting, medicating and radiating.    But we know that medicating and radiating oftentimes creates as many future illnesses and diseases as they cure.   I think a fair assessment of illness today is that we oftentimes take medication to defeat the prior effects of medication.  Or we take medication to defeat the effects of a violent society or sickness created by the toxic aftereffects of unregulated capitalism and its endless poisoning of our planet.

Eating industrial food pumped full of human-created goo adds human-caused sickness into our food supply chain that ultimately ends up in our bodies.   Living in an ecosystem made toxic by human-created goo adds human-caused sickness into our society.   Living in an economy run by psychotic and predatory authority leaves us vulnerable to human-caused sickness of our minds. 

Nature remains the undisputed king  of science as this most recent announcement on HIV and breast milk confirms.  Nature remains the best method of avoiding illness and oftentimes treating it.   That includes living as close to nature as possible, eating as much natural food as possible and living in a society that reflects the values that nature instilled in humanity; compassion, kindness, acceptance, community, equality...... 

There is little doubt we are doing a better job of making us sick than any effect created by nature.  Living naturally is the cure to what ails our economy, our society, our minds and our bodies.  If we do that, the medical community won't be overburdened by the chronic sickness of our minds and our bodies. 

Society as it is defined today, especially in neoliberal America, is dying.   It's dying because it isn't compatible with the laws of nature.   If it isn't compatible with the laws of nature, then we as part of nature, will eventually create/cause its demise.  Not through conscious effort but through an inability to sustain our minds and our bodies in a society not adherent to the laws of nature - the Godless corporate state.  As I have noted countless times on here, Darwinism (and therefore Social Darwinism as practiced here and in unregulated capitalism around the world) is a myth with enough holes in it to drive a Mack truck through.  

A society based on the concepts of Darwinism is doomed to fail because it is inconsistent with the laws of nature.

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