Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Law Professor On Why He Must Be Defeated In November

I ran across this video  while clicking on a ridiculous story feed that came across my desk.  I must say that there is little in this I disagree with or haven't spoken of over the last handful of years. 

Appeasement of evil is all we have gotten with Obama.  The false debate of right versus left is morally-bankrupt.  Both parties are massively corrupt corporatist entities that subvert economic and social democracy.   The search for truth beyond politicizations leads to the discovery of right versus wrong as the only virtuous reality.  And there is only one right.  That right is a reasoned debate over the future of our economy and our democracy that embraces timeless human values.  Values derived through our higher power or our divinity; that which makes us human - compassion, kindness, acceptance, community, dignity, equality, respect and the like. 

Only a democratic (one person, one vote) government and rule of law derived through timeless human values is right and just and true.  Neither Obama nor Romney nor either political party offers any modicum of truth or reality.  Both offer serfdom, slavery, violence, predation and injustice of varying degrees.  They only offer control.  And more of it.  All for the glorification of the self of elites, corporate bureaucrats and political toadies; the plutocracy that is robbing our nation and our citizens blind of its rights and its wealth. 

The corporate state must relinquish control to the just and democratic determination and empowerment of its citizens. 

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