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The End Is Nigh - A Few Comments About The Corporate Supreme Court's Decision On The Corporatist Unaffordable Health Care Act

I'm going to plant one more post in here before my Buffett/IBM post.   This is my 4th of July post.   Nothing could be more relevant to the 4th of July than the topics contained herein.   As I mentioned years ago, Thomas Paine, as an example, wrote of a just democracy and ideas of a system like Social Security, national health care, the unyielding hatred of  slavery, his writings on religious fanaticism, etc.    That's why Thomas Paine's writings have always been provided in my blog link list.   Thomas Paine was a man of great honor, compassion, respect and dignity who was centuries ahead of his time.   Access to health care is a basic human dignity and right.   Any argument to the contrary is a tyranny of the self's endless rationalizations and indignities.

First off, I love how everything in Washington is given some type of propaganda label.   "Affordable" Health Care Act.   By the time you are finished with this, you'll have a greater appreciation of just how affordable it is.   Ahem.

I put up a post within a few months of Obama becoming president that compared his election, the tone of the nation and our economic situation to that of the election of Herbert Hoover.  Remember, it was Herbert Hoover who started the New Deal.  And while I consider much of the New Deal to be some of the most humane and democratic works ever to come out of Washington, and FDR to be one of our greatest presidents, much of the legislation passed in the early years of the New Deal was massively corrupt.  Because Washington was massively corrupt and under the control of elites, fascism and banksters.  So, early New Deal legislation simply helped bring down the system of corruption.  I would ask you to keep this in your conscious mind as you read this post. 

I really don't think or worry too much about what is or isn't passed in Washington.  Because under the duress of the largest bribery bubble ever seen in this nation, nothing of  virtue is passed or even debated.  There is no democratic debate.  Only force.  I think one has to give serious consideration that everything passed in the last ten or even twenty years will eventually be repealed.  In other words, there is one incontrovertible truth in party politics - what's good for the party is seldom good for America.  And, long time readers will appreciate that I am anticipating both political parties will ultimately face extinction.   That is based on a mathematical analysis that I have yet to post.  But as I have noted, I will.

There is a reason why our president didn't pass a Medicare extension act that would have insured those the private insurance company refused to insure.  A simple, cost-effective solution that would provide a baseline of policy requirements that would have forced the private insurance companies to match or even beat.   Under such a plan, we most certainly would have had the best private health insurance options in the world because the private sector can offer better solutions when it is forced to compete.  And, Medicare would always be there as a public option for those who wanted it, needed it and to ensure corporations did compete or lose their markets.   It's quite simple why we have a brand new, 2500 page bureaucracy rather than an extension of Medicare.  The answer is corruption.  Corruption of our government by corporations.  Fascism.

Long time readers know that I am anticipating a coming bust or substantial reorganization in the health care industry.  I have written extensively and in detail about the tyranny in the health care field that is just as severe as the tyranny in our predatory banking system.   And how our health care system, rather than oftentimes treating people, is complicit in making our nation even more sick than it already is.  Obviously, these are unintended consequences of bureaucracies perpetuating junk science as opposed to the nonsensical views of paranoids that elites are trying to kill us all.  Although, I have no doubt that some elites would like to off a few of us. 

While there is still a substantial allegiance to "the party",  we are headed for some substantial future issues as it pertains to this health care bill.  Private health insurance companies are going to raise rates substantially by 2015.  I wrote earlier this week that my health insurance had increased by 600% in the last six years.  I expect before it's all said and done, from some comments by Aetna, that number will increase to somewhere around 1,200-1,500% by 2015.   That's in nine years.  That isn't inflation or money printing.  It's corruption, usury and tyranny of corporatism.  As, I have noted before, it was corporatism that caused the American Revolution.  We were enslaved to the English king's corporate fascist capitalism.  The great trading companies, banking interests and land companies anointed by the king of England that preyed upon the colonies.  It wasn't the tea tax.  That's preposterous.  That is simply an example of the endless brutality, predation and victimization of the king's corporate capitalist tyranny.   The acts of a king, a polity, corporations and a ruling elite in a far off land imposing endless misery and usury on people in the real world..........  sound familiar?  It should.  It is the United States, the Euro Zone and other bureaucracies around the world.

So, I wrote on here quite a while ago that I, along with many Americans, are essentially without health insurance but are re-insured against catastrophe.  ie, A high-deductible plan that is never invoked unless I am terminally ill or have a serious accident.   Otherwise, medical expenses are out of my own pocket.  What Obama hasn't told you is that in addition to the 50 million Americans who don't have any health insurance, there are another 130 million Americans whose policies don't meet the minimum requirements of coverage under Obama's unaffordable health care plan.  So, by 2014 or 2015, 13o million Americans are going to see massive, and probably, unpayable premium increases to raise their policies up to the minimum standards required by law.    That doesn't even take into consideration the penalties that are going to be placed on small businesses; a large percentage of which are marginally-profitable in the first place.  In other words, we are going to see a massive coming tax hike to line the pockets of for-profit health insurance companies.   And that tax hike is being enforced by the state. 

Obama and other bureaucrats can mandate any form of usury or tax they wish living in an ivory tower in some far off land.  You know, like the king of England in 1776.   It won't stick.  I can imagine we could easily have 100-150  million people or more who either refuse to sign up or cannot afford health insurance and are tacked with his plan's penalty tax.   But, that won't be enough to handle the onslaught of people now able to seek health care.   With 45 million people on food stamps and about 65% of all citizens with a marginally-livable wage already, you simply can't force people to buy what they cannot afford.   You cannot tax nor print your way to prosperity.   If it comes to health insurance of clothing and feeding your children, the choice is obvious.

The health care system is going to be turned upside down.  People paying $95 penalties and then granted unlimited access to health care is an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.  From those coming fallacies  maybe then we'll finally get universal health care for all Americans.  Who knows, maybe ObamaCare will be the tipping point that sends the entire system over the cliff and we'll finally see a restoration of democracy across countless seemingly unrelated dynamics as the system unwinds. 

By the way, as I have noted a few times in the comments sections of my posts on Salon, I think it's quite likely we will see the Supreme Court stripped of judicial review in the next decade or two.  It simply depends on how fast this crisis metastasizes to the point of being terminal.  That won't take a decade.   The constitutionality of ObamaCare brings this issue front and center again.  This change is long overdue.  Judicial review gives the Supreme Court, unelected and highly party-motivated bureaucrats who have shown a history of substantial corruption, unchecked hegemony over the other two branches of government and the American people.  This power was neither granted in Article 3 of the Constitution, nor was it supported by people of virtue when a corrupt Supreme Court took it by force.  Constitutional review was generally envisioned as a power shared by the three branches of government.  Many of our founding fathers were vehemently against this unchecked power when the Supreme Court stole it in a very corrupt case.  (One that was recognized to be massively corrupt at the time.)  Since then, that precedence allowed the Supreme Court to be the defacto 'decider' of constitutionality.  It served Washington politicians who never want to dirty their hands by taking a virtuous stand on substantive issues regardless of whether it served democracy.  Judicial review is very similar to the Supreme Court corruption that gave corporations the rights of people.  The nation had recently passed political anti-bribery laws for the first time in the mid 1800s that then forbid corporations and elites from legally buying politicians.  Something that had heretofore done on a regular basis.  Before that law, Congress used to send letters to corporations and elites telling them how much their services would cost.  They whored themselves out as a form of extortion as simply a matter of daily politics.  Fascism has always been part of Americana to some degree.  But, none to surprisingly, those  bribery laws exempted the Supreme Court.  Soon thereafter, corporate personhood was born out of a Supreme Court decision.  Coincidence?  Hahaha.  I suppose anything is possible.  I have written about this and other dynamics quite extensively over the years if you want to dig through my archives.

I have had some detailed discussions about judicial review with one of our nation's foremost constitutional scholars and it seems manifestly obvious that change in this arena is most certainly is coming.  It's just a matter of when the people restore democracy to our nation.  And, by the way, in case you consider this highly implausible or nonsensical rantings of a lunatic, you would be wrong.  Democracy does not own constitutional review right now.  It is in the hands of unelected bureaucrats just like the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve, a fascist public-private partnership, should be made a purely public institution under the Treasury.  And as I have noted before, that's where we are likely to end up.  With Wall Street no longer controlling the strings of the Fed or sitting on the board of its own governing body; a massive blight of corruption and fascism.   As a point of reference, France stripped their supreme court of judicial review a long time ago because it was inconsistent with democracy.  I think that happened about seventy years ago without looking it up.  And, they put it where it belongs.  With an independent panel of citizens, not lawyers or unelected party toadies,  under the jurisdiction of the people's branch of government.  That would be the Congress; the people's branch of representative government responsible for making laws.   How can you make a law without first understanding if it is constitutional?  That is what France has done.  The power of constitutional review in France is under the power of elected representatives who are accountable to the people.  Which is where the Federal Reserve and constitutional review in our country should also be.   Or at a minimum, constitutional review should be a shared power as was intended given no specific authority was constitutionally granted.  By the way, it wasn't specifically granted because doing so and giving it to the courts would have never allowed for passage of the Constitution given so many signatories opposed judicial review.  And, by the way, many of our states argue today under completely constitutional grounds that  the power of constitutional review is not a Supreme Court power or even a federal power at all but instead a power of the states; two of these resolutions were written by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.   I suppose you may have heard of them.  The Supreme Court's ungranted, self-appointed hegemony in judicial review could very well be living on borrowed time along with so many of the other injustices and corruptions of our government and our society.

If you support either political party today, you are essentially supporting your own tyranny.  You can rationalize that support all you want.  But, you are creating your own misery.  The lesser of two evils is still evil. 

We should have had a Medicare option.  It is affordable, it works, the infrastructure is already in place, and there is no massive tax increase required to pass.  (Here is an eye chart of the new unnecessary bureaucracy ObamaCare creates that an addendum to Medicare would not have created.)  But instead corporatism and bribery determined what we actually did get.  The health care system is headed for a serious crisis in more ways than one.   I'm sure after the Supreme Court's decision, Obama believes his unaffordable health care act is now vindicated and his legacy is intact.  The reality?  For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.  Karma is indeed a bitch.  

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