Monday, July 09, 2012

Modern Medicine Becoming Tyrannical, Dogmatic And Intolerant As It Recommends Unproven Treatments - Woman Stuns Researchers By Beating Cancer With Turmeric

I'm going to throw up a few more medical posts while I bide time till my Buffett/IBM post. 

Turmeric is a regular part of my diet.   Its anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties are well known, if not legendary, outside of the mainstream medical bureaucracy.   Of course, telling someone to incorporate turmeric into their diet as a form of preventative medicine doesn't make anyone in a self-interested medical bureaucracy any money.  Pumping people full of radiation and medications after they are sick makes countless people and companies in the health care supply chain untold billions.   Even if the treatment doesn't work as noted in our last post - UCLA researchers have finally acknowledged a glaring reality, radiation therapy for cancer treatment is a stone-aged failure.  (What are we going to do with all of those radiologists, doctors, hospitals, treatment centers and companies who manufacture this gear?  The vast majority of employment in our economy serves no purpose to society.  And, we are finding out even more every day.  Capitalism's self-interest working to create a virtuous and harmonious common good for the betterment of society, an asinine theory supported by economic idiots, is failing.  Most likely for ever.) 

Dr. Briffa on the tyranny, ideology and dogma of modern medicine.   How doctors are forced to follow procedure even though the prescribed treatment may be flawed or even wrong.  This dynamic is a direct result of the dumbed-down corporate state tainting medicine and our universities.  It is corporate capitalism run amok.  It is just another example of corporate bureaucrats and political toadies working in unison to institute a system of control that, as a side benefit, destroys the purity of science (medicine), reason and the search for truth for the benefit of corporate control.  But, Obama has the answer.  It's a massive tax on poor people to enslave us to this system of injustice, tyranny and literal stupidity.  Of course, being a bureaucrat himself, he obviously is blind to his own ignorance. 

And, then to highlight Dr. Briffa's post on how dogmatic and self-interested our medical bureaucracy has become, where we push patients into treatment routines that are often unproven at best and lethal at worst, is an article about the curing of cancer with turmeric and food.   A concept that would be laughable to almost anyone in the corporate state's medical bureaucracy. 

This may sound completely bizarre but I suspect I might understand on a macro level how turmeric and super foods work to defeat cancer and I'll post something regarding this by the end of the year.  By the way, it completely rejects all accumulated knowledge about treating cancer and how to prevent cancer.   That shouldn't be a surprise.  While we are able to keep many cancer patients alive, we still aren't close to a cure.  That likely means prevailing science is wrong on many levels.  I'll tie it in with the remarks in my last post about coming back with another discussion by the end of the year about cancer.  In other words, if I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, I wouldn't be going to a doctor to be treated with our finest stone-aged tools until I confirmed that I was unsuccessful through self-treatment.

The body has an uncanny ability to cure itself.   It is a complex system that self-corrects and self-regulates when given the opportunity to do so.  That isn't by filling our minds and our bodies with the endless industrial goo, poisons and toxic stress associated with modern American life.  Nor is it most often by filling our brains and bodies with endless supplies of pharmacological agents.   The holy grail of medical science is to learn how to unlock the natural healing ability of the human body.  A major part of that is nature's pharma - the foods of our planet.  As I have stated on here before, every medication is considered a poison by the human body.   But, in terminal or serious cases, we oftentimes have to deal with those poisons, oftentimes unknown, because the alternative may be even worse.  Some day the concept of medication will be obsolete.  And, with it, so will be the pharma industry.  Now that may be twenty or two thousand years from now but that day will come to pass. 

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