Friday, July 06, 2012

The Healthcare Hostage Racket - Predation, Victimization and Violence Endorsed By The State - Part Five

The topic of sickcare, er, healthcare has been a common one on here.   As I have noted numerous times over the years, the system is headed for crisis, if not outright collapse.   For new and newer readers, healthcare in this country is wildly corrupt and incompetent.  Not corrupt in the sense of massive, overt bribery as in Washington or the endless, overt predation and violence of Wall Street.  But, it is a more nuanced and insidious corruption and bribery.   It is the corruption of unregulated capitalism's self-interest over the interests of community and society.  Of the self's control and manipulation of bureaucracies that subvert truth in favor of personal gain at the expense of others.  Because of that, healthcare in this nation substantially contributes to making  people sick.   And, as discussed ad nauseam, healthcare is just one part of our economic system's institutionalized predation, victimization and violence endorsed by the state.   What could be more violent than denying healthcare to a citizen of our nation?   What could be more predatory than the hostage racket Kunstler so eloquently describes in the link below?

I would highly encourage you to read Hostage Racket, James Kunstler's latest blog post.  I have had similar experiences to his with the medical bureaucracy's systemic incompetence.   I would go so far as to say many doctors are outright unqualified to practice.  I suspect that number is much larger than anyone would care to admit.  This incompetence is due to a multitude of factors but certainly two of the most obvious are the horrendously misguided university education and training bureaucracy and the most glaring is the corruption of medicine by money and capitalism's self-interest.   Doctors generally know little, if anything, about the effects of their massive over-prescription of drugs, the knowledge about nutrition and its ability to heal both our mind and body, and the understanding of the mind-body connection to sickness (not brain-body, mind-body) and the understanding of the body of a complex system of incredible self-correcting and self-healing elegance is almost nonexistent.   But, then, there isn't any money to be made by telling someone to eat healthy or telling someone to practice meditation or yoga or whatever as preventative methods of maintaining our health.   The bureaucracy that has built itself into a massive monolith has done so by embracing a system that best serves its self-interest.  And, that is most easily accomplished by focusing on the most expensive forms of treatment, whether they are the most productive or most useful is oftentimes irrelevant.    So, the university medical bureaucracy of training built itself around expensive procedures of cutting, medicating and radiating.   Most certainly this is no conspiracy.  It's simply how a self-interested system of violence and predation develops without oversight and proper regulation to ensure the public interest is protected over the interests of the self; better known as free market capitalism run amok.

It's only when an environment of endless toxins and emotional poisons, industrial food goo, unintended consequences of pharma's massive overdoping and a violent and predatory economic dynamics push us to the brink that medicine has any substantial usefulness.  There is no ounce of prevention.  There is only the pound of cure or treatment.    This system of incompetence or institution of the ego perpetuates itself through the force of the state.   For now.

How about I throw in another example of that systemic incompetence of the healthcare bureaucracy just for grins and giggles.  Mammography and cancer radiation therapy possibly induces cancer and most certainly creates treatment-resistant cancer.   This clearly points to the possibility that cancer is a virus or is caused by a virus.  I'm going to come back to that topic in a post I will put up by the end of the year.

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