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CNN - Poster Child For the Dumbed-Down Corporate State's Infotainment Bureaucracy Headed For The Economic Scrap Heap - Blames Lack Of Major News On Viewership Collapse

I'm going slide this in between my Buffett posts.  CNN's remarks show how completely disconnected from reality the infotainment bureaucracy is.  And that shows how massively incompetent they are at actually doing what they are supposed to be doing; reporting the news.   Sound familiar?  It should.  It's an example of the systemic incompetence of the corporatocracy.  The same incompetence that led banking bureaucrats and their bought-and-paid-for political stooges to remark that no one saw the banking crisis coming.  Ahem.  Wrong.   Some day we'll hear the same nonsense from the infotainment bureaucracy regarding their coming crisis.  Just as we hear from EU bureaucrats.  Just as we'll here from the communist Chinese bureaucrats and on and on.

We are arguably living through the most newsworthy time in the last two hundred years.  News in this country and around the globe is being made at unprecedented rates.  Real news.  Substantive news.  There is no lack of major news.  That is utter nonsense perpetuated by systemically-incompetent corporate bureaucrats who have turned news into infotainment. 

People aren't watching mainstream infotainment because they don't report the news   They hire pretty people to provide infotainment.  Nothing wrong with pretty people but what is lacking is the de rigueur of investigative and discovery abilities that define excellence in journalism.   Merit has clearly been subverted on a wholesale level within the field of journalism.  It has been replaced by roteness and intellectually-lazy drones who happily provide us infotainment while subverting a greater reality. 

Americans are waking up to the stupidity of the dumbed-down corporate state and its mind-numbing drivel reported by the likes of CNN.  They thirst for truth, reason, education and knowledge.  They thirst for substance that CNN and other dumbed-down corporate state news machines generally are incapable of delivering.   People don't care that Janet Jackson's breast was exposed for two seconds during the half time of a football game.  Let alone have it be the lead story.  Think about that.  CNN's lead story was Janet Jackson's boob.  I think Walter Cronkite or Harry Reasoner would have  walked off the set rather than report the endless drivel we see today.  No.  CNN, your ratings are collapsing because you subvert truth in favor of control.  Control that rewarded you with handsome advertising profits over your constitutional obligation to serve the common good.  To educate, to inform, to enlighten.

What are all of those retired generals on the Pentagon payroll as bribed shills on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News for endless undeclared, unconstitutional wars going to do if  the infotainment bureaucracy goes bust?  Or all of those hacks who call themselves political advisors or consultants who seem to be on every single "news" segment of CNN and these other mind-numbing infotainment sources?   All television news I am aware of, except PBS, which by no coincidence is non-profit, is at varying degrees of uselessness.  You remember PBS?  That antiquated public-funded news source that the Republikans keep trying to kill.   Most certainly because it interferes with the infotainment profit engine of their corporate masters.   That said, as PBS' public funding has decreased and it relies on greater donor involvement, it too has sometimes reported ideology and bias of large donors rather than truth. 

This collapse in viewership fits into about half a dozen of our long-time anticipated economic outcomes.  And, the substantial fall in viewership is at every 24 hour news channel to varying degrees.   Anticipated outcomes based on data and analysis not useless opinion.  You know, like that useless opinion CNN, Fox News and others feed us 24 hours a day.   .......This fits into our calls that this cycle is marking the end of big, the failure of institutions of the ego or institutions of control, the collapse in the advertising bubble, the collapse of salaries for specific segments of the economy; of which infotainment and media are two, the end of the corporate state, the coming collapse or major retrenching of countless monopoly and oligopoly corporations, and most importantly tens of millions of  jobs in our economy serve absolutely no productive purpose and therefore are likely to disappear, etc.   Issues we have been talking about since before the 2008 collapse. 

24 hour "infotainment news", a creation of the corporate bureaucrat seeking greater profit through control, is most certainly not long for this world.  The 24 hour propaganda dump focusing on Newspeak created by the dumbed-down corporate (war) state, political dunces and other mind-numbing drivel that relies on massive subsidies from the corporate advertising bubble.  Yet, corporations don't actually want to advertise on any channel actually reporting the real news.   Take a stand and support real news with advertising dollars?  Right.  That's too risky for the corporate brand (propaganda) or just outright misaligned with corporate values.   Corporate values generally subvert timeless human values of truth, respect, empathy, compassion, community, dignity, equality.  The bald truth is that CNN doesn't respect its viewers or democracy.  It respects the almighty bottom line of profit over truth.......

It's quite plausible that we could see all 24 hour news channels eventually disappear.   The vast majority of their content is simply propagandized editorials and endless useless opinions rather than any sort of fact-based news reporting and any representation of the discovery process.  What a glorious day that will be!  Transform or die.   Yet change involves a business model without the corporate advertising profit bubble to pay for the 24 hour infotainment bureaucracy.   Operations will most certainly be scaled back, if nothing else.  And, that means late night television could be local reruns or simply see channels off the air as was the norm thirty years ago. 

Only public, nonprofit or public nonprofit news or any business model that rejects the concept of profit over truth is ever going to provide for unfettered discovery and truth that is the news.  Not ironically, all major newscasts used to be not-for-profit.  That is, until unregulated capitalism's invisible hand of self-interest put control (profits) over truth (news).   The end result?  The dumbed-down infotainment bureaucracy controlled by corporate Ivy League MBA bureaucrats and their legion of attack dogs, Ivy League lawyers, used to maintain corporate control. 

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