Monday, July 16, 2012

Green Party Candidates Jill Stein And Cheri Honkala In Their Own Words

I have never backed any political candidates on here and I never will.  Anyone who tells another person what their journey should be has a primary intent of control.  And, that intent is directed at controlling others.  That is a main reason why politics is a relic of ancient forms of social control that isn't long for this world.  It is a vestige of control that subverts truth and selflessness or public service.   And that intent of control is driven exclusively by the self, the me, the I.   But that doesn't stop the endless flood of corrupt money meant to subvert inner truth in order to essentially cast a mind-c0ntrolled spell upon voters better known as brainwashing.

No one is qualified to ever tell another person how to vote.  No one.  Ever.    I do think it is important that people and the press help educate each other to our  blind spots of irrationality and self-delusions.  These factors help all of us create endless rationalizations about our behavior.  That includes why we continue to support politicians and political parties that don't reflect human values and clearly manifest behavior of a  disconnected self aka control.

Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, the Green Party candidates, talk substantially about real, substantive issues in a clear manifestation of the search for truth and restoration of democracy.   And, that discussion focuses on helping those who have been victimized and preyed upon to become productive and dignified members of our democracy.  And, they talk about the end of corporate victimization and predation that has left our nation at the mercy of international thugs who control our supply of energy and how to empower our nation to one of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.   As I have noted numerous times over the years, there are multiple methods of creating a merit-based economic system that embraces democracy, humanity and dignity.   And, one such method we discussed was cooperatives; something that Jill Stein mentions on here.   Capitalism can be made to work for democracy but it will never serve all of our economic needs.  It's time to think outside of the box of self-created control with an intent of discovery and truth.

There is no intent of control or manipulation in these messages.  Only the search for truth - real solutions to real problems often involving human suffering and always based on the intent to control.  Truth that is not being addressed by political stooges or an economic system in systemic and permanent failure without transformational change.  These are messages of public service and not politics.    Are they the right answers?  Well, there are many right answers.  But in order for any answer to be considered right and truthful, it must be based on some modicum of timeless human values and the intent of discovery and truth rather than an answer found through some method of control.  That means they should pass the test of public discourse and vetting based on human values, economic value, reason and merit.  Truth, reason, honor and dignity sells.  They don't require the need for control - for manipulative political messages, political consultants distorting reality, endless lies in the form of propaganda campaigns creating a myth of a candidate that does not actually exist and other examples of flim-flam that are created by endless bribery of political parties and candidates with dirty money.  Dirty money that buys politicians and political favor while subverting one-person/one-vote and the democratic ideals that go with it.

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