Tuesday, August 14, 2012

David Stockman Skewers Paul Ryan’s Batty Budget Lunacy And Rightly So

I consider Paul Ryan to be one of the most dangerous men in Washington.  He’s clueless,  he’s a crony corporatist even though he waxes poetic about being a religious ideologue of Ayn Rand, he has never lived in the real world, he wants to literally kill social programs while funneling more money into the military-industrial complex and corporatism and he’s never had a real job.  I’m not talking about summer play jobs at McDonald’s while away from getting his indoctrination into modern-day mythology of economics.  I’m saying he’s never had to try to survive by embracing the neoliberal policies he endorses.   Instead, he has spent his entire life as a politician living off of the productive people in society.  That he is considered a poster child for the modern day Republican party shows how ridiculous the party truly is.   If the Republicans win in November and they institute his batty economic ideas, they will literally destroy what little is left of the Humpty-Dumpty  economy.   I plan on going into some detail about Ryan’s batty ideas in coming months.  But, in the mean time, fellow Republican David Stockman does quite an admirable job in his op-ed.

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