Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monsanto Loses To Beekeepers In The Yucatan But Gains Support From Another Predatory Self-Interested Corporation

Control or truth?  That's all it comes down to.  Those are our mind's only two intents.  Unlabeled Frankenfood and the patenting of food is a manifestation of the self's desire for control, a subversion of truth.  Truth is a manifestation of our higher power and an ability to see beyond the self's endless instabilities, rationalizations and cruelties with an intent of discovery.  This duality of our existence is everywhere in life, our politics, our economy, religion, corporations, all large bureaucracies and in our personal relationships.  Al Gore's intent to subvert scientific discovery in the climate debate by stating the science is settled, and thus rejecting new discovery, is absolutely no different than Monsanto's desire to create GMO foods and ultimately to keep GMO foods unlabeled.   It's nothing more than the self's manifestation of control.  And, we seek to control because of the self's state of instability.

Monsanto's behavior is nothing more than Adam Smith's supposedly virtuous self-interested invisible hand of unregulated/deregulated capitalism that is supposed to harmoniously benefit society.  Instead, the invisible hand of self-interest's rationalizations and instabilities eventually become cronyism/corruption/crisis.   Capitalism, as a manifestation of the self, is inherently unstable.

Free market capitalism is the same religious ideology of those who believe in communism.  They are both religious "-isms" taken on some imaginary faith-based reality that doesn't exist.   Free market nonsense is rooted in delusions/rationalizations/instabilities of the self that reject an inconvenient truth in favor of some artificial fantasy world that simply is a figment of their imagination.

Until all people are connected to their higher power or their humanity and thus are able to see beyond the endless instabilities, rationalizations and cruelties of the self to consider selflessness, community and a greater good, "-isms" will remain just that - ideological drivel that some unenlightened mind read in a book or heard in a conversation or created as a fantastical delusion that exists only in their mind.

All of this is why we must have a society and and economy based on laws and not on men.   Laws based on reason, virtue and timeless human values of equality, respect, empathy, community and dignity.  Not on the instabilities, rationalizations and cruelties of the self.   A nation of laws and not of men.  Capitalism without a rule of law aka regulation is the most base, unstable and cruel manifestations of the self.

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