Thursday, August 16, 2012

In The Dumbed-Down Dystopian Corporate State Agent Orange’s Got What Plants Crave; The FDA Considers Dow’s Latest Agent Orange GMO Abomination

It’s really hard to make this stuff up.  We truly do live in the Idiocracy; the dumbed-down corporate state.  But, rather than everyone suffering from stupidity as in Idiocracy, the movie, it’s the political and corporate bureaucrats who rig the system for their own benefit who are really the dunces.   By the way, this dynamic exists in almost every industrialized country on earth.  Because every industrialized country is substantially run by banksters, corporations and their stooge marionettes, politicians.

Agent Orange’s got what plants crave.  It’s got electrolytes.

If you ever want a mind-numbing experience to escape the effects of the corporate state, I would highly recommend the comedic movie, Idiocracy,  in lieu of the illegality of drugs.  Which, by the way, the systemic issues with addiction in this nation are in large part because of the greater instability in the human condition that unregulated/deregulated capitalism creates; an environment where sociopaths and predators excel.   You’ll snicker at how many parodies in this movie are relevant to today’s idiocracy; the dumbed-down corporate state.   How upside down, and often idiotically so, the world is when you put corporate bureaucrats, banksters, politicians and lobbyists in charge of endlessly manipulating, rigging and bribing a nation’s economy and democracy for reasons of self-interested control. 

This Idiocracy clip is hilariously relevant, almost verbatim, to Dow’s FDA application to use 2,4 D (one of Agent Orange’s major ingredients)  resistant soybeans.   The FDA is bought and paid for.  Just like in Idiocracy where the Brawndo corporation actually bought the FDA so it “do, say and sell anything they wanted”.   In the clip, link here, the people convening the discussion about Brawndo being applied to our food crops are the president’s cabinet.   The FDA is referenced in this clip but instead of it being the corporation, Brawndo, in the movie, it’s Dow and Monsanto that have got what plants crave.  

By the way, in case you missed it, FDA bureaucrats and stooges have just been exposed for spying on its scientists and using Gestapo-style intimidation against scientists for fear that they might expose issues of public safety and corruption.  Truth versus control and the endless politicization of science that defines the corporate fascist state.  The FDA is massively corrupt courtesy of their corporate masters.  Links here and here and here

We are killing our nation, our people, our economy and our ecosphere because the world is run by idiots.  And, I do mean idiots who have subverted the rule of law, science and reason in favor of self-granted authority and control for benefit of the self.   Democracy around the globe is dead and politicians killed it.  We will never see our economy recover  until the rule of law, reason, economic determinism and democracy are returned to the people.

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