Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hell That Exists In The Mind Of Man - Jamie Dimon Picks His Own Investigator, Former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, To Head Inquiry Into Possible Wrongdoing.

Life is rich in the world of predatory finance.  One gets to pick your own investigator.   That is, if there is any investigation at all.  Which, there usually isn’t other than a cursory mock excoriation in front of Congress before behind-closed-doors apologies take place in the next round of political fundraisers from predatory banksters and other mobsters.

This is the same Lee Raymond who granted himself a $400 million retirement package.  $400 million.  What the freak does anyone do with $400 million in retirement?  Or frankly, ever?  And, simply as an administrator of a public company, how does someone honestly believe their retirement is worth $400 million when most Americans don’t even have any sort of retirement package?  Lee Raymond obviously views himself as a king worthy of whatever he can plunder.  How else can anyone rationalize $400 million?  In fact, he made so much money as CEO, he shouldn’t get any retirement package.  It’s only fair, logical and reasoned that since most Americans don’t have a retirement, he should receive no retirement.   Give the money back, Lee Raymond.

A generally accepted definition of psychopathy/sociopathy is a personality disorder manifested in people who use a mixture of charm, manipulation, intimidation, and occasionally violence to control others, in order to satisfy their own selfish needs.   Well, I think it’s apparent there may have been a lot of manipulation to control others for selfish reasons at JP Morgan.  The company itself is nothing more than an institution of the manifested self or of control.  I’m not sure Lee Raymond is the appropriate person to head this investigation since he apparently also used a mixture of charm and manipulation to get a $400 million retirement package.

I think Jamie Dimon should have picked retired FBI (serial killer, psychopath, predator, etc) profiler Clint Van Zandt. He has plenty of time on his hands and he most definitely possesses the skills to head this investigation.

The more class, title, rank and gauche wealth are important to you, the more unstable is the perception you have of yourself.    The more you feel the need to control the perception others have of you by the acquisition of more perceived authority to act as a protective shield for your unstable perceptions.  The more unstable the perception of self, the greater the need to control.  The greater the need to control, the more likely one is to manipulate, deceive, victimize and prey upon others for the benefit of the self.  In other words, free market capitalism leaves us all at the mercy of the most unstable people in our society.  Most often some manifestation of those persons is predatory and violent.  And, most often that violence is covert emotional or economic violence rather than literal physical violence.  Covert emotional and economic violence are accepted practices of free market capitalism.  So, there are actually no reasons to hire Pinkerton guards to murder people anymore.  All we need to do is let the free market work.   You know, like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney support – these are two men who appear to have an insatiable desire to control.  Of course, so does Barack Obama.

So, is Lee Raymond the right person to investigate JP Morgan’s wrongdoings?  Or is someone with the qualifications of a person like Clint Van Zandt?  I guess it all comes down to intent.  What is Jamie Dimon’s intent?  Does Jamie have an intent of discovery or an intent to control?   Does he want to the truth to be exposed regardless of the consequences?  Or does he have an intent of creating appearances?  Of  seeking to control the discovery of truth and possibly even subvert it or manipulate for his own personal benefit? 

I think we can include corporate bureaucrats in the analysis that politicians and serial killers share personality traits.  Because they all have a primary intent of controlling others for benefit of the self.   When you understand this, you gain a greater appreciation how capitalism is a creature of the state.  And, how fascism, the comingling of corporate capitalism and politics, is a marriage made in hell.  The hell that exists within the mind of man. 

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