Friday, August 24, 2012

Egyptian Military Checkmated

One of the most timely calls on here was that as American empire unraveled, there would be power-grabs across the globe; some of them just and some of them unjust.   Not too many years later, we saw the Arab Spring unfold.  The United States is still trying to control this uprising against tyranny and corruption, much of which was enabled by U.S. policy.  But, they are and will likely continue to be on the losing side of that effort.  

A small group of thugs are only able to control an entire nation through manipulation, propaganda or fear be that in the U.S., the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Greece, Egypt, China or Qatar.  Control is an illusion that only exists in your mind.  Once people finally realize that, the illusion fades into oblivion.   Yes, indeed, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.    Fear is fading fast.  And, as I noted years ago during the Iranian uprising, the status quo around the world wants none of these uprisings, be they in Europe, Africa or anywhere else, to be reported.  Because they understand acts of courage give others around the world the strength to be courageous.   We could see the world’s status quo eventually fall like dominos. 

The grab in Egypt is still unfolding between the American-enabled status quo, other forces of control that seek to fill that power gap and forces of justice and morality.  This is an incredibly interesting piece that would one would never find in the U.S. corporate media.   Bad news for the U.S. empire.  Possibly good news for democracy, justice and dignity in Egypt. 

posted by TimingLogic at 3:05 PM