Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Mainstream Media, Obama Apologists And Political Elites Attack Niall Ferguson For Being Right: Obama’s Gotta Go.

I can’t say that I have ever been a big fan of Niall Ferguson for his often tainted view of history, money or economics.  But that’s what often happens when one hides in the ivory towered walls of academia’s theories.  One often becomes institutionalized and develops an affliction to reality.  Of course, this is the same institutionalization and affliction reality that affects the mainstream media, political elites and political apologists.   That said, I must say that this Newsweek cover story penned by Ferguson is pretty close to spot on.  Even if one believes his intent is political, Ferguson’s general conclusions are right -  Obama dithers while America’s economic and social collapse continue unabated.  There have been no serious efforts to right the wrongs of the political and corporate corruption that so systemically created this mess. 

The Atlantic, a continual mainstream offender as Obama apologists, cites a supposed fact-based rebuttal to Ferguson and, in doing so, it remarks that bluster cannot make untruths true.  I would retort that in an age of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act.   And, nothing could be more universally deceitful than the mainstream media’s endless sycophantic defense of our nation’s corrupt political system. 

There are so many attack dogs out there doing Obama’s dirty work that it’s simply par for the course of the endless smear campaigns that define fascist American politics.   I fail to see much of any difference between it and Nazi propaganda.   These attacks are meant to marginalize dissent by destroying the opposition’s character; ad hominen attacks are the last gasp of illegitimacy, politics and corruption.  Wasn’t that Hitler’s method of attack? 

The apologists find solace in any ounce of information they may believe is technically-correct.  Or using their own spin to twist what Ferguson said with their own lies, damned lies and statistics.  Some are even calling for Ferguson’s firing for speaking his mind.   This jackboot tactic of tyranny is rampant in the dumbed-down corporate state where individual perspectives and freedom of speech that don’t tow the party or corporate line aren’t tolerated.  How many times have we seen people fired for speaking personal opinions outside of their professional life that aren’t acceptable to the propaganda machine?  But then in a world where the only loyalty is to the party as Orwell predicted, dissent cannot and will not be tolerated.   The constant attack dog cries of racism, bigotry and intolerance by partisan hack political voices at places like the Huffington Post and Brietbart News, even when someone may innocently have an intent of raising substantive issues in need of a national debate, subverts our ability to raise serious issues to a national audience where we can have a reasoned discourse about how to resolve so many issues affecting society.  Everything in our nation is politicized and polarized by a class of dunces.  That includes Ferguson’s cover story. 

These arguments or hair-splitting about Ferguson’s facts are the same intellectually-deficient and intellectually-dishonest memes that have been used for the past thirty years by the mainstream media, elites, political apologists and the political class to throw two hundred million Americans under the bus.  How do you like that for a statistic?   Elites from both parties, the mainstream media and political dimwits fight over technicalities of whose statistics or damned lies are accurate while almost incomprehensible poverty, lack of economic opportunity, the destruction of our freedoms, military-industrial complex fascism and associated corruption reigns supreme in a nation at endless war against its citizens and the world.

Do I blame Obama for creating this mess?  Please.  That’s utterly absurd Republikan attack dog politics.  But, I don’t see Ferguson blaming Obama for creating this mess either.  I see him blaming Obama for doing just about nothing to fix it.  

There are many who would argue that Ferguson or myself or countless millions of Americans have unrealistic expectations that one president or one congressperson can never live up to.  Oh really?   Did Obama want the job or not?   If he didn’t (doesn’t), the exit is clearly marked and no one is stopping him from dismissing himself. 

The reality is true, authentic leadership mocks the perception and rhetoric of “unrealistic expectations”.   True, authentic leadership creates a culture where people are able to work together to achieve more than they ever could on their own.   True, authentic leadership empowers society and individuals to work together for the betterment of all.  True, authentic leadership is not endless fast talking, incredible arrogance, endless rhetoric or whining that the only reason you can’t lead is because Republikans don’t play fair.    

I blame this crisis where the blame should be laid; the system of political corruption that gained enormous speed and critical mass under Reagan and Clinton.   But, let’s be clear.  The resultant data clearly points to the reality that Obama hasn’t done shit as it pertains to the economy, corruption or the restoration of democracy and economic determinism.  What Obama policies can anyone point to in the creation of a substantial and sustainable living wage jobs in this nation?  Name one?  And, name the jobs?  Obama talks us to death about the need for science jobs but the reality is he has done nothing to restore our economic determinism by the repeal of corruption that destroys science jobs.  And, as the Washington Post recently remarked, his policy of talk on this topic belies a greater reality that the jobs won’t appear simply because our president likes talking about it.  Politicians are talkers, leaders are doers.   What Obama policies have restored democracy and economic determinism?  What policies have empowered a nation and its peoples to achieve greatness and personal determinism & responsibility?  What policies then provide an impetus for us to share that greatness through the export of policies of empowerment, know-how assistance, compassion and democracy with the world rather than the exportation of empire and weapons?  What policies have dismantled the Godless corporate state and restored liberty?  Instead, the same neoliberal policies of social and economic Darwinism and empire exist without a hiccup.  Nary even a peep from Obama about either of them or, frankly, not much of anything except his endless political attack dog ads about how awful his competitor is.  Indeed, his competitor may be awful but then so are his policies.   More of the endless false choices of left versus right pablum regurgitated by political dunces.

Our economy can’t be fixed without massive structural changes to a broken economic model created by politicians, elites and corporate bureaucrats.   But beyond that, Obama’s greatest failure is his appeasement of evil.  He is our Neville Chamberlain, another liberal idiot who believed that being nice to sociopaths would make everything as right as rain.  Evil cannot be bargained with.  It must be dealt with.  Chamberlain’s failure to deal with evil most certainly helped create a world war that may never have happened were he to have dealt with Hitler rather than appease him.  Hitler, for his clear sociopathy, evil and terrorism, did not want war with England.   It is cited in the historical record time and again.  And, so it is with the appeasement of evil today.  With that appeasement, evil continues to terrorize democracy, economic determinism, national sovereignty, the rule of law, human dignity and human rights.

When this scene, which is repeated in countless tens of thousands of communities in our nation, has started to return to this and this scene, then we can talk about a legacy of anything more than appeasement for Obama or anyone else.  Until then, Niall Ferguson was right.  Even if some of his statistics could be challenged by other lies, damned lies and statistics of the Obama apologists.   We have already had four years of do-nothing economic policy, government spying and expanded unconstitutional wars.  How many more years do we need to suffer? 

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is a highly controversial book.  And, Ayn Rand had some unstable, emotionally-stunted, even seemingly sociopathic views about the virtues of selfishness.   But the book was right about one thing.   It was a future where this nation and its economy is run by political and corporate looters.   That is why her book appeals to so many people;  it is representative of the dystopian fascist Amerika that exists today.  Obama has done absolutely nothing to change that.  

Neville Chamberlain relinquished his moral authority when he appeased evil.  The outcome today is no different. 

Our Declaration of Independence states that it is not only a nation’s right to demand change when a government is guilty of a long train of usurpations and abuses, but it is our obligation, our duty to alter those usurpations and abuses.   It was and is Obama’s and all other elected officials moral duty to right the wrongs of our political system.  To retake government’s moral authority.  To deal with evil rather than appease it. 

With policies of appeasement - without moral authority - the polity has lost the consent of the governed and, therefore, its right to rule.   Niall Ferguson made a valid, reasoned perspective on the state of our polity.  He was doing only as our Declaration of Independence demanded.  Obama, and frankly both political parties, should take their marbles and go home unless they are able to rise to the challenges our nation faces.   In other words, selflessness instead of both political party’s systemic selfishness, greed, avarice, arrogance and lust for power. 

It is the American people that made our nation great.  And, once again we must rise above the dumbed-down political class as save us from their endless selfishness, corruption and insanity.

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