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The Republican Presidential Ticket Of Con Men? “No One In History Has Ever Successfully Run For President Riding This Big Of A Lie”

Really nothing new with this Rolling Stone story by Taibbi.  We have talked about all of this repeatedly over the years.  And, we surmised that Mitt Romney seemed a highly disturbing person before he announced his candidacy for 2012.  But, I love to see when others with something to lose have the guts to tell the truth in a medium that has substantial global readership like Rolling Stone.   Taibbi has those guts.  And Rolling Stone has the guts to print it in a mainstream venue.

People who are disconnected from their inner divinity or higher power define interactions beyond the self as rationalizations based on what others around them value.  ie, Social mimicry.  And, as such they view relationships as perceptions of duties.  They view interactions beyond the self as duties because they are disconnected from any ability to love or empathize.   People are simply objects to be used to serve some need to ameliorate their inner emptiness or their inner demons.  Their perceptions of loving someone are more like a depersonalized, emotionless duty.  You know, like taking out the trash or firing ten thousand workers or killing people with drone strikes or dumping PCBs out a factory’s back door or embracing proletariat corporate work or illegal rendition or breaking Geneva Convention agreements by torturing or spying on citizens or collecting FBI files on political enemies or to gain an upper hand in manipulating and using others. People like this actually have been shown to have abnormal brain scans. That is because their higher power or their own divinity or their higher order processing is truly disconnected from the self. Literally as well as figuratively.   Their minds are broken.  Not the brain.  The mind.  And, this shows up in the functioning of the brain.  The mind regulates the proper functioning of the brain.  ie Mainstream medicine, the mob of groupthink, is wrong.  And, that is why the cure rate for many mind-related illnesses is just about statistically zero.  They are most certainly treating the symptoms for many illnesses. 

While no one really understands the specific dynamics behind disconnectedness to our inner divinity or our higher order processing, it seems quite possible that the mind shuts down certain connections within the brain in order to protect itself from perceived trauma or lack of nurture (perceived danger to the mind) or anything that is potentially damaging to the mind.  

Anyhow, Mitt Romney is clearly disconnected from his higher self or his divinity.  Anyone who values authenticity and is connected to their humanity can clearly see this.  Our intuition tells us something is wrong.  That is why it is only the corporatists (Godless corporate statists also disconnected from their divinity) within the Republican Party that fully embrace Romney.   Romney’s disconnection manifests itself through a grandiose perception of self that belies someone with capricious values of extreme selfishness;  manifestations of this are reflected in the at-any-cost greed used to build a wall of monetary wealth he hides his insecurities or inner emptiness (disconnection) behind.  As someone who embodies vacillating values that  serve self-interest and control, Romney has proven an ability to do almost anything to anyone.  In other words, his disconnection from his humanity leaves him with a valueless-value system that is capable of rationalizing any behavior on behalf of needs of the self.  This disconnectedness provided the perfect mind to loot society within the framework of “business” or capitalism.  All done to obviously  ameliorate the emptiness or torment inside of him.  That he could literally prey upon people and destroy their economic livelihood time and again with no remorse and then somehow rationalize that he was a job creator is absoeffinglutely preposterous.  What next in the dystopian corporate state?  The Holocaust never happened?  Nah.  Not yet.  Just the Paul Ryan budget plan.

Romney used public resources available through our taxpayer-backed Wall Street investment banks, another criminal enterprise, to loot society and leave us with the bill.   Now power-mad Willard is using our money acquired through that looting process to run for president.  Or, maybe king, to appease his seemingly  insatiable need of more authority and greater control over his fellow man.

I think many naïve or decent people might be surprised at how much the destabilized aggressive personality type is glorified in every aspect of our society.   As noted in a prior post on the glorification of violence by our political class, that then trickles down into social values, we are a society of incredible violence against other human beings, against the planet, against nature, and in perfect irony for a supposedly Christian ruling class, their actions of violence against God.   Okay, I said it.   How many people have thought it?

Politics and capitalism are both institutions of the manifested self or institutions of the ego.  And, as such, they glorify attributes of the disconnected self - control, fear, aggression, predation, violence, etc.   That is why people with endless rationalizations of their behavior rise to control politics and capitalism.   Why Americans are universally dissatisfied (90-ish %) with the political dunces running for office each election cycle.

Any manifestation of politics and capitalism, being institutions of the self, either without proper regulation, are clearly not consistent with democracy  or the timeless human values we express through our vulnerability - compassion, community, kindness, equality, empathy, dignity, acceptance, etc.    Instead, the disconnected self or the ego of the politician or the corporate bureaucrat sees vulnerability as weakness.  And, as such, it preys upon vulnerability.  We see this in the endless violence against the poor and underprivileged and those who don’t have a voice to stop predators and looters in both capitalism and politics.   The party is over in Washington and on Wall Street.  It’s just a matter of when and how the looters in the bubble, and the useful idiots who enable them, the political and investor class, are awoken from their mental torpor.

Unregulated capitalism and politics are extremely synergistic; fascism.  (Add in the bureaucratic religious hierarchies that are theocracies.)  They are both institutions of the manifested self or the ego.  So, they both attract disconnected predators who seek to control others to ameliorate their own inner demons or their own emptiness.  The hell that exists within their own mind.   The hell that we now live as they have indeed gained control of countless billions of people and corporate resources around the world.

“The unlikeliness of Romney's gambit isn't simply a reflection of his own artlessly unapologetic mindset – it stands as an emblem for the resiliency of the entire sociopathic Wall Street set he represents.” 

Matt Taibbi’s Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Paul

By the way, it seems Paul Ryan might have a little bit of something something in him as well.  At the minimum, quite an accomplished liar.  If he lies about something so simple as how many marathons he ran and how fast his time was, how can you trust anything out of his mouth?  You can’t.   And we see that in his lies about accepting stimulus money from Obama’s bill and who knows what else.   But then nothing is more representative than the manifested self’s desire for control than lying.  Is it really any surprise that Ryan embraces Ayn Rand’s ideology exalting selfishness?   Ryan seems very comfortable when he is talking about lies, damned lies and statistics.   What kind of person believes they can lie in a public medium in today’s world of Youtube, historical documents on the internet and the fact-checking they provide?  Someone who is disconnected and thus seeks control and authority to ameliorate that disconnectedness.

Ryan isn’t seemingly as comfortable when having to tie those lies, damned lies and statistics to the struggle of real people.  When it requires humanizing his indignity for Social Security, Medicare or other social programs meant to lend dignity and compassion to those who are often most vulnerable to exploitation.  In other words, he’s not comfortable talking about empathy, kindness, compassion and dignity.  He’s not comfortable when having to connect to his humanity. 

Ryan Trips Over Marathon Question

Want to put a stop to this insanity? Force politicians to look beyond their perception of duties of taking out the trash. To humanize their inhumanity. Force them to look into the eyes of their victims. To recognize there are consequences in real human terms to their manifested self’s perception of duties. To expose to them the contradictions within their belief systems of being good people and are doing good who, in actuality, through their duties of taking out the trash are responsible for the pain and misery on the faces of real people. The disconnected self cannot process those contradictions. That is, the perceptions of who they think they are with the reality of who they really are.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan represent the perfect incarnation of values endorsed by the Godless corporate state. Of course, all wrapped up in a flag of the United Corporations of Amerika.

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