Friday, September 07, 2012

15,000 Manufacturing Jobs Lost In August. Yes We Can!

Well, I have to admit that I watched about 15 minutes of Paul Ryan and Barack Obama’s convention speeches.  30 total minutes out of a dozen or so hours of this propaganda was all I could stomach.  Given these two are prone to making great exaggerations, I really wanted to hear what kind of nonsense came out of their mouths.  Ryan, well, he told us how he loved his mother after writing a bill to redefine rape even though he later refused to take responsibility for his bill’s intent after Todd Akins anti-science, violent comment turned this topic into a political storm.  (This behavior is actually representative of the patriarchal violence that is endemic to our culture.  Especially endemic to politicians.  Especially Republikans.)

Obama, amongst his endless unsubstantiated nonsense, well he remarked that he created half a million manufacturing jobs.  HAHAHAHA.  Right.  I threw up a little in my mouth when he said that last night.  Did I tell you that I was on the Apollo moon mission?  I was also supposed to be playing in the NBA.   Their loss. 

From the trough of unemployment after the 2008 economic collapse, which happened in late-2009/early-2010 till today, 500,000 manufacturing jobs were ADDED to the economy.  NOT created.   Huge manipulation of fact for benefit of the self.  Almost ALL of those jobs were simply rehires of people who had been laid off in the massive economic crisis of the prior two years. 

Today’s August employment figures show last month we lost 15,000 manufacturing jobs.  (We did create more slave-wage jobs without benefits at Wal-mart.) But Obama told us last night he was going to create a million new manufacturing jobs in his second term.   Well, and he wanted to encourage more people to go into the sciences.  Again.  But there is massive structural underemployment in the sciences already in this nation.  We have engineers, physicists and mathematicians working on Wall Street because they can’t find a job in the sciences.  Manufacturing and sciences are directly tied to the same dynamic.  He has done nothing but make both situations worse. 

I’ll take the bet all day long that Obama won’t create anywhere near one million jobs.  All day long.  In fact, I’ll take the counter side of pretty much anything he promises.  You know, like having a $5 trillion deficit at the end of his first term (as he said in 2009) instead we have a $16 trillion deficit. Doh!  By the way, that extra $11 trillion dollars in debt is $70,000 for each of the 160 million people who would like to be in the workforce.  If you are a family with two wage earners, that’s $140,000.  Did you get any of that $11 trillion?  Did you get $70,000 in extra federal government services?  Did someone wipe away all of your taxes and pay you $70,000?  Who got that money?  Cronies, corporations, the military-industrial complex, lobbyists, political advisors/campaign propaganda creators and banksters. 

Obama doesn’t know what he is doing, isn’t a leader capable of getting people of diverse beliefs to follow him and his economic policies are simply more of the same appeasement of evil.

More of that hope and change we can believe in.  Yes we can! ….. Get rid of Obama, Romney, both political parties, political corruption and corporate personhood.

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