Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Effects Of Unregulated Capitalism - Antibacterial Agent Can Weaken The Heart

So, who told any of us the chemicals used in all of the manufactured products we buy are actually safe?   Your sofa, mattress, clothes, health care products, carpet, lawn, house building materials, etc?  How many of these chemicals have actually gone through any type of long-term health-safety testing?   Are your carpet products regulated by the FDA?  Because it might give off chemicals that you are breathing every day. 

We then dump much of this down the toilet into our ultimate drinking water and then throw them in a trash can that ends up in the bottom of the ocean or in a huge hole in the ground.   Most drinking water has some variation of hormones, chemicals, rocket fuel and who knows what else in it.  Natural gas fracking is dumping five or six dozen more toxic chemicals into the ground and we are hoping they don’t end up in our aquifers.  More of that hope and change we have been promised.   Hoping that engaging in unregulated capitalism won’t kill us all.  

One of the contradictions of unregulated capitalism is price versus cost.   Wal-mart can sell you an endless supply of cheap junk, price, but who pays the cost in manufacturing, packaging, distribution and consumption waste that ends up causing massive health-ecological issues and poisons our planet?  You do.  Privatize the price gains to corporate bureaucrats and socialize the cost of unregulated capitalism to little old grandma living off her measly Social Security check.  The costs of unregulated capitalism are staggering.  You know, free market bullshit.  Untold tens of trillions of damage because of trillions of pounds of waste accumulated over decades of this lunacy.

Oh, and do you want to know what one of the largest contributing factors to waste is?  Well, it has been years since I have put up any kaizen or lean methods posts on here, but as I noted years ago, the TPS or Toyota Production System, the world’s finest lean methods system, recognizes transportation as one of the largest contributors to waste.  ie, Globalization and extended supply chains create massive pollution and poison in our environment unnecessarily.  Shipping all of that Wal-mart junk from China does more damage to our environment and burns more fuel than all of the cars in America x 10.   Literally.  I’m just talking about shipping.   Want to see the data? I’ll make sure I post it some time. This doesn’t even take into account the massive exploitation of the environment by manufacturing in countries that don’t have a well-defined rule of law to protect society from poisonous manufacturing waste processes.   Why does anyone think companies manufacture in China. 

This whole craze about antibacterial agents is very disturbing.  Human beings are supposed to get down and dirty.  Obviously with the right kind of dirt.  In other words, I don’t touch the door handles when leaving a public bathroom because I don’t want to go back to my dining table and eat a shit sandwich.  But all of these antibiotics and associated chemicals in our food chain are having substantial unintended consequences with our health.  Especially the massive amounts of antibiotics pumped into animals that then affects the meats and dairy we eat. 

No one can get all of this stuff out of their lives but I literally have removed just about every form of packaged chemical from inside of my house over the years.   No body soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, sun block, laundry detergent, etc. that has traditional chemical ingredients in them.  And, I review any skin products in detail before using them.  I make it a special point to avoid anything that says antibacterial. 

As I have noted on here before, the vast majority of work in the modern economy either serves no purpose to society or worse.  The global network of exploitation and massive waste production, capitalism, is dying.

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