Friday, December 23, 2011

A Holiday Post - The Journey Of Becoming I Am

On this holiday I believe is important to remind ourselves of the one universal truth we know exists.  A truth that many, especially those in positions of self-granted and illegitimate dominion over others,  are very disconnected from.  One can only perpetuate acts of hate, violence, control and evil against the world around it if one believes they are separate.   If one believes the physical or sensory illusion of the self.  

This separateness that is so common, especially within those who seek control, is a clear sign of the self’s disconnectedness from its core being.  Depending on one’s belief system, our core being could be termed our spiritual guidance, our divinity, our higher power, God or whatever term one’s belief system feels comfortable calling it.    The term one uses to describe our core being is irrelevant but I will use the term higher power from this point forward.   This essence or higher power exists in all of us.   It is who we are without the belief system we all develop through our sensory interaction with the physical world.   It is what makes us human.  It is our humanity. 

Those who are disconnected from their higher power  are disconnected from the cycle of life.   Those who are disconnected from the cycle of life are therefore driven only by the physical illusions of the self and the beliefs and emotions created by the self’s experiences in the physical world. 

That separateness or disconnectedness of the self is the source of all evil in this world.   One could not have any intent of hate, violence, control and evil toward any living being were the self  connected to and receiving guidance from its higher power. 

The self is the mind’s manufactured illusion it creates to survive in the physical world.  With it comes a belief system, an inherently fluid and often unstable one at that,  that is truly different in every human being because it is not based on truth but instead based on our own unique journey through life.  When one understands this, one realizes incontrovertible truth and meaning are only found through that connectedness within us.  But the self resists that inward journey and its connection to our higher power in its attempt to maintain and perpetuate its illusory identity and control over that identity.   So, instead the self seeks to project its separateness and all of the fears and control associated with that separateness outward onto others.   The inner path of our own spiritual and emotional growth threatens the self’s perceived existence and its separateness.  So, those most consumed by the perception of the self project the self’s manufactured fears, insecurities and imperfectness on the world around us rather than embark on the inward journey of self-discovery and truth.  And, that very reason is why we have disconnected authority around the world who has always turned a blind eye from those in need.  Authority that perpetuates economic predation, corruption, bigotry, slavery, racism, divisiveness, war and other manifestations of separateness created by the unstable self’s attempted control.   

In a world often controlled by the madness of the disconnected self, there is only one truth.  That truth cannot be found anywhere in the words or actions of any man.    Truth can only be found within each of us if we are willing to embark on the journey of self-discovery and the search for truth.    

When all vestiges of the self, its fears and its manufactured beliefs are released from our mind, all that remains is love.  And, that means when we are able to be in the moment and allow our mind to release everything, there is no concept of self, of time, of science, of reason, of greed, of government, of hate, of fear, of beginning, of end or any other illusions of the manufactured self and the physical world.  Just a state of being without boundary, fear and judgement.    All that remains is I am.  That’s it.   Of everything you think you believe, the only timeless truth we really know exists beyond all doubt is that I am and I am love. 

The world can only change if we have leadership from those who are first connected to their higher power.  Those who are connected to the cycle of life.   That first starts with our own leadership and our own connectedness.  Only then can we accept, respect and love ourselves and the world around us.   Only then can we embrace leadership within ourselves that will recognize truly selfless leadership qualities in others who should lead our nation and humanity.

The world can only change if we first change our mind through our own journey of self-discovery.  The journey is the endless path of learning to just be.   To be I am.  And to accept the unconditional love that resides within each of us.   Once we are able to receive this gift, even only for moments at a time, in those moments when nothing else exists but I am and I am love, we have experienced what is is like to become who we were meant to become.   Who we always were all along.   To become who we were meant to become doesn’t require a therapist or a college degree or finding the right mate or making more money or getting a promotion.  To become who we were meant to become is simply to recognize we were that person all along.  To simply release everything and let yourself be I am.  

Are you able to be I am?  At first, maybe no.  Later, maybe a little more.  Even later a little more.  Many years later, even more.  But never completely.  Therein lies the human condition.   But becoming mindful is the first step in the journey to becoming I am

When a state of consciousness exists where we have all become I am we will have all become connected.  We will all have become one.  And the needless suffering, fear and illusions created by the perception of the self’s separateness will cease to exist.   You may believe that day would never be possible.  Day?  Who said anything about time?   I am talking about a state of being void of the illusion of time. 

How do we know the state of consciousness where we are all connected in the state of I am doesn’t already exist?   We don’t.  But it most assuredly does.  Because it already exists within each of us. 

 “I honor the place in you where the universe resides, I honor the place of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you, where if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.”

We are all worthy.  Our goal should be to build a world, an economy, and a state of being for all that reflects our worth.  Peace and goodwill to all.  


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