Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Pointedly Rebukes Racism. So Who Wrote His Racist Newsletters? The Mises Institute Founder?

I have been supportive of Ron Paul on here for exposing the truth regarding rampant government and banking corruption.  But I have also been highly critical for some clearly racist views written in a newsletter he used to print decades ago.  And, the fact that he needs to answer questions beyond his hazy comments generalizing a poor memory stating he didn’t write those remarks and wasn’t even aware of them for years past their printing.

There is no doubt that the Republican status quo is attempting to take Paul down now that the top election statistician in the country is projecting him to win in Iowa.  It’s only fair that I post Paul’s most recent attempt to put this issue to bed permanently.  Paul attempts to clearly explain his position in this video  and becomes assertive in his position starting at about the four minute mark.   Interestingly, in this story link it appears that Reason, a Libertarian magazine, found out that Paul’s ghost writer was the Mises Institute founder.  On numerous occasion we have also been highly critical of many economic views expressed by some of these Mises kooks as well.   First of which is they often hate government.  Any government.  Period.  That is NOT a Libertarian viewpoint.  (Do you want to live in a country where you always hate your government?  Or do you want to fix your government and be proud of being part of a free and compassionate nation?  No society ever has ever become greater though the dynamic of hate.)  And, another is that hatred and a VERY limited understanding of economics, a very common theme with self-described Mises preachers, leads to batty, extreme and unsound ideas on how to restore democracy and democratic economics.   

Only Ron Paul knows what is true but with the rest of the Republican candidates clearly in the dunce camp or shills for the corporate state, I’m not sure any amount of attacks or money can stop his popularity amongst grass roots political conservatives as well as those seeking transformation of a system that is corrupt beyond most of our wildest imaginations.  I guess we shall all find out.    

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