Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Government-Funded Research Now Starting To Admit Anthropogenic Global Warming Is A Hoax

Now, ain’t no one who values their ability to find employment or maintain employment in the establishment gonna come right out and say human-caused global warming, manufactured by the establishment, is a hoax but this comes pretty close while maintaining politically-correctness. 

Global climate volatility is real unlike many in the anti-science Luddite establishment who tend to deny any research based on reason or science.  Human-caused global warming is a hoax perpetrated by Algore; a man who can’t even spell science and countless establishment ideologues, many who were scientists (in name only) who are highly political and motivated by their own self-interested agenda.  

Does this mean Algore has to give back his Nobel Peace Prize?  Maybe about the time President Obama has to give back his Nobel Peace Prize as the U.S. bombs civilian populations and places kill contracts on American citizens.  I would say whomever runs the Novel Peace Prize selection process needs to be replaced for systemic incompetence. 

Before this is all said and done, future scientists will look back on human-caused global warming as a propaganda campaign. 

Title link here.

Amended- the above link works for some browsers but not others.  Huh?  First is the original link to Oregon State.  Then to the original work in Science.

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