Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Statistician Nate Silver Projects Ron Paul Win In Iowa

And the status quo Republican kooks who the support corruption of democracy and continued fascism predictably announce their displeasure.

Very interesting.  Very Good.  Very unexpected to the status quo.  As I said some time ago, I suspect the Republican race is going to come down to Paul and Romney.  ie, the Tea Party – type candidate versus the establishment.     I wrote years ago that the Republican Party was in serious trouble.  A few years later the elections swept a substantial element of the Tea Party into Congress.  Touché.

The Republican Party is fracturing into two parties.  I expect the Democratic Party could eventually collapse and be replaced by a new party.  I have a really good post on these dynamics and why this could possibly come to pass.  I was trying to get that post up on Labor Day but it required a fair amount of work and I still haven’t tackled it.  So I don’t want to spill the beans as of yet.  Needless to say both efforts are/would-be led by grass roots (democratic) efforts to sack the status quo of the corrupt Republican and Democratic Parties.  Maybe in the first quarter of 2012 I can type up the post.    

Link to Politico’s status quo (fascist) crazymaking and fearmongering.

Title link to Nate Silver

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