Friday, December 09, 2011

Cloud Formations And Climate May Be Linked To Cosmic Rays Of Terrestrial And Extraterrestrial Origin

While I am thinking about the upcoming eclipse, I am going to get this posted since it has been a matter of a few months since some of this discovery was released.  

The results of the discovery that cloud formations may be linked to cosmic rays went well under-reported by the mainstream press and the anthropogenic global warming stooges.   This blows another massive hole in the anthropogenic global warming scam and lends substantial credence to the source of warming being extraterrestrial as we see in warming, ice cap melting and increased storm activity on other planets and moons within our solar system.    It also explains the substantial uptick in the number and intensity of storms and volatile weather on earth. 

We have talked quite a bit about gamma rays and the fact that they are the most powerful sources of energy known to man.  Some sources release more energy in a second than our sun will release in its entire life time.  ie, Humanity’s effect on our planet’s weather is a mosquito on the butt of an elephant; it may register but it isn’t the driving factor.  Curiously, science is now able to determine that gamma rays are not all extraterrestrial in origin.  Or, at least, not directly.   Quite bizarrely, the earth generates its own gamma rays.   Those gamma rays can be measured from outer space as well as on our planet’s surface.

The sources of this phenomenon could be our sun, our own planet, sources beyond our solar system or all three.   What triggers these events?  We simply don’t understand any of this.  But, if all three are seeing an uptick in intensity at the same time, there is the potential that we are experiencing some substantial cosmic shift that could impact life on earth.   Not necessarily in a bad way either. 

What we do know is that all of the science surrounding these topics taught in universities and lapped up by political dunces with regards to anthropogenic global warming are essentially junk science.    Anything taught or theorized up until these discoveries is useless gibberish.  If you aren’t factoring the effects of the most powerful energy sources known to man in your theories and models, well, then both are completely erroneous.   Junk.  Worthless.   Just like Wall Street’s worthless financial models that have been and continue to fail.   

Luddite Republicans would like to politicize these announcements if they actually knew how to read.   In other words, this doesn’t prove the anti-science policies of the political dunces in Washington any more than the anti-science policies of the Democrats espousing junk science in support of human-caused global warming  --->>> Correlation is not causation works both for and against the anthropogenic global warming issue as it pertains to political idiots and their endless attempts at control and manipulation.   

So, how might these dynamics be affecting human behavior around the globe?   Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?

The world is not as it seems.  Especially for those who think with their eyes. 

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